March 30, 2023

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Queen Elizabeth cancels traditional Christmas lunch with family |  Property

Queen Elizabeth cancels traditional Christmas lunch with family | Property

A source says the family’s Christmas brunch has been canceled this year. “The decision is a precautionary measure because the royal family believes that many people’s Christmas arrangements will be in jeopardy if their celebrations continue,” the source said. “While the Queen regrets having to cancel the traditional lunch, she is convinced it is the right thing to do for everyone.” The British monarch spends most of the epidemic period at Windsor Castle, west of London.

In addition to the poor halo numbers, the health of the queen will likely also play an important role in the decision. However, the Queen is back at work this week, albeit digitally. Two new ambassadors then handed over their credentials to the Queen via a video link. The ambassadors of Azerbaijan and Sweden came to Buckingham Palace for the occasion. When they placed the letters on a table, Elizabeth was watching through a screen from another room, according to photos shared via Twitter.

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The Queen has been receiving new ambassadors in this way since the end of last year. Not only because of her advanced age, but also because of her unspoken health issues. Elizabeth spent one night in the hospital in October and has only been allowed to perform light duties since then.

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