December 1, 2023

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Queen Elizabeth must extend the doctor's rest period by two weeks |  Property

Queen Elizabeth must extend the doctor’s rest period by two weeks | Property

The 95-year-old will not be making official visits during that time, and will most likely only perform light duties that she can do from home. The Queen was previously advised to rest for a few days, but the rest period has now been extended by two weeks.

The extended rest period means the Queen will not be able to attend the remembrance festival, which will be held on November 13. Currently, Queen Elizabeth intends to attend the National Service of Remembrance a day later.

Last week, Buckingham Palace released photos of Elizabeth showing her back to work. It was the first time she had been back at work since she was hospitalized last week, forcing her to cancel a visit to Northern Ireland. And she received a number of ambassadors at the palace via a video call from Windsor Castle. Many people were shocked by these photos, because the Queen did not look very good.

Earlier it was also announced that Elizabeth was no longer allowed to drink alcohol. She had to cut a bedtime cocktail, usually a martini, from her schedule. She was also just seen carrying a walking stick for the first time in seventeen years, and it became known that from now on she would always be helped by a family member during official obligations. Elizabeth also canceled a visit to Northern Ireland at the last minute, because she had to take a break. Nor was she present at this week’s climate summit.

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