September 24, 2022

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Question to the editor: What game did you spend the most hours on?

Games can be addictive, let’s be honest about that. It can be cursed loot boxes or just a game that gives a lot of rewards that you’ll want to keep going. It is not without reason that games are used in education. Some knowledge is transferred through games. The associated term is gamification. Everyone on the editorial team has a game that you spend the most hours on. This could be a guilt pleasure or something you are proud of. In short: on which game do editors spend the most hours?


It’s a Pokemon game, that’s for sure. But which one I dare not say. In both the 2nd and 3rd generation games, Gold and Ruby to be exact, I spent so many hours that the memorizing game counter didn’t go any further. However, if I had to guess, Ruby’s secret rules, overarching breeding mechanics, and the many secrets I have to find give Ruby the crown.


I think most of the hours end up going back to Pro Evolution Soccer 6. I played that game gray at release, only to play online again years later when online games really took off. I don’t have one football Played in gray like this. If you look at the games where the hours are already clocked, we’ll end up in ARK: Survival Evolved. How many hours have I spent sitting next to a dinosaur taming it, oh my god…


According to my PlayStation, the game I spent the most hours on is the PS4 version of GTA V. Add to that the hours I spent on the PS3 and PS5 versions and this is definitely the game that takes more than hours. One big thing, because if you look at the franchise you spent the most hours in… the Call of Duty series comes in much higher than that. Where I played GTA V on PS4 for about six to seven hundred hours, each CoD played somewhere between one hundred and three hundred hours. When I look back, that’s a very long time!

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run out

I never count the hours I spend in the game, but since I spend most of the hours on PC, Steam might be useful to me. Among the games that I have installed right now, it is clear that it is Elden Ring. This is not strange, because the past three months for me have been games to review and Elden Ring. That’s not the question, though. The answer to the actual question is amazing. In January 2016, I became completely addicted to the Kerbal Space Program. The story of the game is very simple. Build a rocket and carry it into space. The moment it becomes more complicated (for example, traveling to another planet), it takes several hours quickly to build the rocket, but the flight also costs a lot of time. Before I knew it, the game took 371.8 hours of my life. And that’s not all. I became interested in our wonderful obsession with going to space and discovering things there. I even bought a Lego Saturn V. It also took a while to put it together. I got lost in Wikipedia and YouTube for information about the history of space travel. The topic never really left me.