February 9, 2023

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Quinn grants exceptional approval for new chapter of biography |  showbiz

Quinn grants exceptional approval for new chapter of biography | showbiz

PropertyUsually, Queen Elizabeth, 95, shy away from biographies that feature her and her family, but for wardrobe writers Angela Kelly, 64, she likes to make an exception. She wanted to add a new chapter to the Pen Fruit, “The Other Side of the Coin”, and the Queen has exceptionally blessed her for that.

Angela Kelly, who has worked as the Queen’s wardrobe for years and is one of her confidants, wrote The Other Side of the Coin in 2019. Now that the Queen has held the throne for seventy years, Kelly wants to add a new chapter to her book. In it, she’ll talk about Prince Philip’s death, how Elizabeth suffered from lockdown and who was in her bubble. As a confidant of the Queen, Kelly will likely be able to share many intimate details about those heart-wrenching events. Something the Queen obviously doesn’t care about. “Queen Angela personally gave her blessing to share the details of her unparalleled relationship with the world. Angela is the first working member of the royal family to receive this extraordinary approval,” HarperCollins said.

Until now

“We wanted to celebrate the Queen’s platinum anniversary with this beautiful new edition,” continues the publisher. “And of course we want to constantly update the content of the book, after the unseen events of the past two years.”

The Queen and her family are often the subject of a book. There are currently (at least) two new books on the table. Tina Brown, who previously wrote a biography of Princess Diana, will release a new work next month, in which she says she will make “powerful discoveries”. Elizabeth Harry’s grandson also runs his own business. Kings-watchers speculate that he will provide for his grandmother, but father Charles and stepmother Camilla will have to pay for it.

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