October 2, 2022

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Quirres frees himself and AA Gent: Buffalo does an excellent job and climbs to 5th after beating Zolt Wargame

Quirres frees himself and AA Gent: Buffalo does an excellent job and climbs to 5th after beating Zolt Wargame

Forty-one minutes and twenty seconds. That’s how long it took AA Gent before she got a ball between the columns, a harmless one from Cuypers on Bossut. The home team had already monopolized the ball, but Bosut actually managed to calmly solve the Swedish puzzle at De Gentenaar. It should be more difficult. A synonym for “not quite,” five letters, anyone?

“AA Gent”, no, there are six. However, that was the way things went in the first half. ‘not exactly.’ In the area of ​​truth, something always went wrong. Another active Hong whose ball turned out to be too soft, Odjidja who got stuck, Cuypers who came back blind in no man’s land … Attempts of Castro Montes and Combs too, who crossed the back line. Still in the Swede prize this weekend: ‘Lucky’, four letters? That’s what the Cuypers were looking for. some luck.

If anyone has to score, it’s him. Salah intervened well and snatched the ball from Lopez and put Queirs alone in front of Boussot. His opposite shot went away. Salah – his first name is Ibrahim, not Mohamed – was the surprise of Vanheisbrück. The 21-year-old striker has already scored three times for Jong Gent, four years more than fellow talent owner Fofana. Salah made a good impression. The ball is solid, technically good, able to hold the ball on the chest with a defender in the neck. Fofana and Salah, this is the reason why Ghent did not want to pour money into the seven-year-old striker Berchot.

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Cuypers breaks the ban

Salah should have scored from Gent, but he managed to score a cross from Kuipers from close range. Fortunately for him, the “cover” – four letters – had already happened by then. Despite a turban after a first-half collision, the Kuipers delivered 1-0 with precision shortly after halftime. Emancipating himself after two games he was rooting for it and it seemed he had lost the “fun” – five characters. Although he has already scored five goals in the league.

Free his team in any case. Bossuot now had to leave his newspaper and make sure he hit a great Ogedja shot just wide of his line. AA Gent was superior in the second half. In a new record setting, the price was again. The ball stumbled and Tornarega headed 2-0 against the net. AA Gent again approaches – three letters – to the top four.

And Essevee? It also gave Davey Ruf – who replaced Paul Nardi – a chance to win 100 Win For Life tickets with the Swedish puzzle in our newspaper. Another term for “flat”, five letters? Probably? Despite the space she sometimes gets, she has remained shockingly harmless. Only Braem in the lock got close. Moreover, it was “sad” – six letters. With the addition of four more transfers on deadline day to an already completely rebuilt hub, things can only get better. And the program, with Antwerp, Club Brugge, Genk Union and now also AA Gent, just got even easier. Mbaye Lee & Co. So you have more than one “blade of grass” – six characters – to stick with.


AA Gent lineup: deck Hansch Olsen, Ngdeo, Torunariga; Samoise (46′ Hauge), Kums (79′ Marreh), Odjidja, Hong (79′ Fofana), Castro-Montes (90′ De Ridder); Salah Kuipers (63 minutes Depot)

Zolt Wargem Assortment: Bosot. Sirani (66 Tsuka), Tampedo, Lopez, Drambayev; Sissako (56′ Palumets), Rommens, Miroshi (79′ Braem), Sangaré (56′ Ndour); Vossen (66 Ramirez), Vadera

Objectives: 49′ Kuipers 1-0, 72′ Toronariga 2-0

yellow cards: Sisako, Tsuka

red cards: number

Rule: Jan Peterberg

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