February 1, 2023

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Rachel Hazys brings Yvonne Cauldoyer to court in January | showbiz

showbizRachel Hazys took Yvonne Koldoyer to court. Coldeweijer, the woman behind the juice channel Life of Yvonne, posted an old video online containing her talking about Rachel Hazes, while Hazes previously ordered her to take down the video. Koldoyer and Hazys’ attorney confirmed that the case would be heard on January 9.

At the end of November, Coldeweijer removed the video after a summons and announcement of a summary of the proceedings by Hazes, but on December 27, she decided to re-post the video. “A few weeks ago Rachel’s lawyer called me to take it offline because it’s supposedly based on lies,” she wrote on Instagram. “After a few weeks I can only conclude that I am right again and that since I received the letter there has been absolutely no contact between Andrei and his mother. We have seen the truth for ourselves and therefore I will not be intimidated either.”

In the video in question, Caldweyer made “untrue and deeply hurtful statements” about Hayes’ role in leaking a personal letter from her son, Andre Hazys, to his ex-wife Sarah Van Solen, according to Hayes. Koldweyer also made remarks about the consequences of the relationship between mother and son Hazes.


Hazes’ attorney, Jaap Versteig, told the ANP that Hazes “can take a beating”, but that Koldewyer’s statements “cross all boundaries”. So he thinks sharing such “gossip” should stop.

“It is about the statement that Rachel Hazes was going to leak a letter written by her son to Coldfire, that Rachel Hazes intervened in her interest in her son’s treatment at a clinic in Spain, that Hazes would be extremely narcissistic and manipulative, and that she wanted to control her son, and that in her power forever and that Andre Hazys has definitively cut off contact with his mother as a result of the letter being leaked.”

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