November 27, 2022

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Rammstein, that's loud enough: Residents of a residential care center capture a performance by German metal band "Backyard" (Ostend)

Rammstein, that’s loud enough: Residents of a residential care center capture a performance by German metal band “Backyard” (Ostend)

Anyone who thinks that only rough people are fans of Ramstein is wrong. From their balcony in the residential care center, about 100 meters from the concert site in Ostend, the elderly also enjoyed the music of the German metal band. “We are moving with the times and everyone should,” it sounds bold.

Jeffrey Ross

On Wednesday evening, Rammstein stood in front of just under 50,000 people on the magnificent stage at Park Nieuwe Koers in Ostend for the first of two concerts. The residential care center De Drie Platanen is located right next to the concert site. Director Françoise van Horebecke immediately turned it into a team building moment with the staff. “More than welcome after the Covid-19 period,” she says. “There are quite a few music fans among our staff, so we came up with the idea to do something with it. Nice barbecue and Rammstein music in the background: the perfect combination.”

Was he not afraid that residents of the residential care center would suffer severe inconvenience from high decibels? After all, the party location is literally in the backyard of a residential care center. “A lot of our residents are hard of hearing and now the concert doesn’t last all night,” says the director. “They have survived quite well. There are even residents who have already indicated in advance that they want to stay up longer to experience the concert. Also for the party on Thursdays. (Rammstein plays twice in Ostend, ed.). There are already two candidates. Our residents have been closely following the reinforcements and the news surrounding Ramstein’s arrival.”

Archive photo of Rammstein’s performance. © ISOPIX

“old old”

De Drie Platanen overlooks the back of the stage, so they can’t see the band in action. But that did not stop some residents from listening to the music of the German metal band. They don’t know the lyrics, but they can taste the rhythm of the music. “The director taught us the rock sign,” says Simone De Bruyne, 92, as she raises her little finger and forefinger in the air. “I am a modern old man. I have three sons and seven grandchildren and I am not inferior to them. It is wonderful that – even if the music is not our own kind – we can enjoy our ‘garden’. Especially the bonfires above the stage are beautiful to see. Here and there we were in Sometimes we get confused by the loud bangs. We move with the times and everyone should be.”

Lillian Paschen (81) will miss the action around De Drie Platanen. “It’s been back and forth with cars and trucks and people here, a lot of people,” she says. “I love it, yeah. Music? We’re still learning even in our time. I didn’t know music, but I know it now. I’ll buy their record, yeah.”

Edmund Nobus (85) is now a big fan of Bramstein. “My type? Not even today, but that’s music now, isn’t it? It’s nice to enjoy this. Yes, even in our old age. We may be old, but we haven’t written off yet, right? They don’t always have to be Willie Somers and Will songs.” Tora, right? Just give me the Rammstein music,” said Edmund, laughing.

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