March 28, 2023

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Reader discount on hand-drawn thumbnails of your dog or cat

We at SpanjeVandaag Editors are very grateful for the fact that our readers contact us via this Donate a page with a cup of coffee so we can stay up to find, translate and publish all current Spain news. But in the editorial office, in addition to these donations, we sometimes receive other statements of support such as letters, books, cookies, chocolates and even flowers. But this time, the editors got something completely different: a hand-drawn, personalized portrait of our inaugural Golden Retriever dog Nova, who passed away in 2017, on a keychain! Since SpanjeVandaag has been around for 15 years this year, readers are getting 15% off every item ordered using discount code SV15.

This particular gift comes from Spanish/Argentinian artist Jimena, who doesn’t understand Dutch, but reads and follows SpanjeVandaag. Jimena lives in the province of Tarragona and is a dog and cat lover Handmade and personalized miniature images on key chains, rings, amulet necklaces, caskets, etc. Plus, she also does personalized plaques if you want a bigger tribute to your beloved pet.

After our emotional keychain reception with our deceased dog Nova, we reached out to Jimena to thank her. She has her own website Valentina Valentine She is hot and very active on Instagram and Facebook where she has posted many pictures of pre-made key chains, amulets, rings and plaques. It can be ordered from 35 euros. For the number of hours Jimena spends on this “little retreats” Isn’t that a lot of money. visit it website or Instagram account More information (in Spanish) and photos (also at the bottom of this article).

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15% discount for the reader On thumbnails and paintings of dogs, cats or other animals: Use Discount code SV15

We liked Jimena’s artwork so much and original that we asked her if we could do a special discount To introduce her handcrafted thumbnails to loyal readers of SpanjeVandaag. Our website will be 15 years old in 2023, so our readers will get 15% off everything they order from Valentina Valentine and artist Jimena. Use the Discount code SV15 When ordering or contacting Jimena. Designs are neatly packaged and shipped FREE in mainland Spain. For the Canary Islands, Balearic Islands and outside of Spain such as the Netherlands and Belgium, shipping costs will be added.

Are you interested and also want a beautiful handmade keyring, amulet pendant, ring or plaque for your dog, cat or other animal? Please contact us via the contact form on the Valentine Valentin website or directly at [email protected] . You can also send a WhatsApp message to the phone number +34 621013608 or chat with Jimena via her Instagram account @employee or through the Messenger on it Facebook page Valentina Valentin Retratos. She doesn’t speak Dutch, but you can contact her in both English and Spanish. It’s totally worth it and you’ll be giving yourself or someone else a very emotional moment! Don’t forget our discount code SV15!