July 20, 2024

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Ready for spring?  Fashion expert Hilde Godens tips 10 must-have accessories |  Nina

Ready for spring? Fashion expert Hilde Godens tips 10 must-have accessories | Nina

Spring is on the horizon! It makes sense to invest in some new outfits. Even more budget-friendly, however, is to spruce up your look with a few small but stunning eye-catchers. From fluorescent or satin shoes to oversized bags and statement jewellery. Fashion expert Hilde Geudens gives you ten options for adding more color to your look this spring.

disco bag

Shimmery and shimmery bags give your look a star-like look, even during the day.

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1. Handbag from Kurt Geiger203 euros.

2. Handbag from Benko235 euros.

3. Handbag from HVISK79 euros.

4. Handbag from Essential Antwerp145 euros.

color in sight

Round, rectangular or as aviator glass: As long as your sunglasses have tinted lenses, you’re in the right place.

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1. Sunglasses from Lanvin275 euros.

2. Sunglasses from Longchamp185 euros.

4. Sunglasses from Victoria Beckham340 euros.

3. Sunglasses from Lacoste127 euros.

hat on

Hats off fanatic again. Wear it with everything.

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2. Scotch and soda65.95 euros.

3. Caroline Pace75 euros.

4. Liu Ju via Bijenkorf49 euros.

elegant satin;

Satin shoes are everywhere now. As an evening decoration or enrichment for daily life.

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1. Steve Madden119.99 euros.

XXL bag

The large bottomless bag is ready for another successful season.

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1. A bag of COS290 euros.

2. A bag of Essential Antwerp195 euros.

3. A bag of Zara59.95 euros.

4. A bag of H&M29.99 euros.

high and stable

The wedge heel has become a favorite on the platform. A modern tour that you can easily last for a day.

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1. Wedge heel Zara49.95 euros.

2. Wedge heel Yoneza129.90 euros.

3. Wedge heel H&M studio249 euros.

4. Wedge heel Benko495 euros.

Ear catchers

This season is all about tall and big, whether you choose pendants or rings. Your ears should stick out.

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1. Earrings from H&M9.99 euros.

2. earrings from Kurt Geiger 114 euros.

3. Earrings from Essential Antwerp65 euros.

4. Earrings from swarovski300 euros.


Dazzling fluorescent bags and shoes emphasize your look. You can put them in the spotlight by keeping the rest of your outfit neutral.

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1. A bag of Essential Antwerp165 euros.

2. Shoes from COS115 euros.

3. Sneakers from Sun 6889 euros.

4. A bag of MAE at Veritas39.99 euros.

sling backs;

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The love for high heels – flat or heeled – reappears every spring. Particularly chic, even with a sock in it.

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1. Casual shoes & other stories110 euros.

2. Slip-on shoes mango79.99 euros.

3. Slip-on shoes Massimo Dutti89.95 euros.

4. Slip-on shoes Yoneza99.90 euros.

Pearly splendor

On your ears, around your neck, and on your fingers: the pearls bring out your star quality.

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1. A series of Zara25.95 euros.

2. The episode Victoria59 euros.

3. Earrings from Pilgrim39.95 euros.

4. Gang Vanden Bogaerde Line275 euros.

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