December 7, 2022

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Real estate agent Béa Vandendael stops by 'Blind Buy'

Real estate agent Béa Vandendael stops by ‘Blind Buy’

She was there from season one, but the upcoming fifth series from “Blind Purchase” will have to dispense with medium Béa Vandendael. She announced that she would be taking a break: “The past few years have been very difficult. Combining ‘blind buying’ with my busy job has become too much.”

After four seasons, 33 episodes and 29 exciting home purchases, I decided with a heavy heart blind boughtTake a break,” says Vandendale on social media.

“The past few years have been very difficult and for sure the last couple of years I have had to dig deeper in search of the perfect dream homes. The housing market has been hectic due to the Corona pandemic and the combination of low budgets, high prices and higher expectations did not make it easier. blind bought Combine with my busy job in ERA IMMPULS (Full-time real estate agency, editor)It became too much. I had to decide to take it a little. This is a really difficult decision, but it is just important that I put my health first. No matter how much effort it takes.”

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Who will make sense of Pia’s absence in Season 5 – which is currently being filmed – will be announced later. But farewell is not final. The program and the team hold a special place in my heart. I enjoyed swearing, crying and laughing a lot during my adventures with Bart, Kelly, Janie, Dina, Kobe and the production team. I cherish that. We’ll see what the future holds.”

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‘Unfortunate, but understandable’

Interior architects Bart Appeltans and Kelly Clésence will miss their colleague. “And not just me,” Claessens says. “But All Flanders: She’s our favorite redhead. I thought it was cool working with her. She made me feel instantly comfortable when I joined in season 3. I can’t imagine a season without her, so I hope we can work together again in the future” .

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“It’s so unfortunate that we are missing Pia this year,” says Appeltans, too. “We started this adventure together a few years ago, had a lot of fun and made people happy. It was great doing that with her. Of course I understand she needs some rest. We all have times in our lives when we need to slow down. So take good care of yourself and see you soon.”

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Vandendael is also very much appreciated in Play4. “Pia has been a face from the start blind bought. Not just anyone else, says program director Annick Bongers. “She has proven more than once in the past four seasons that she was the real estate woman in the right place. No matter how hopeless the situation may seem, she has always been able to surprise her. Not seeing her in Season 5 is of course unfortunate for the channel, the show and her colleagues. But health always comes first. Thank you very much Yours, no doubt seeing you soon!”

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