March 30, 2023

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Reality check.  'Big Brother' contestant Serkan talks about his relationship with Vera and his admission of seduction Single Laure |  Television

Reality check. ‘Big Brother’ contestant Serkan talks about his relationship with Vera and his admission of seduction Single Laure | Television

Television“Temptation”, “Ex On The Beach” or “Love Island”: these are the pleasures that we do not feel guilty about at all. And because we doubt you the same, we love you every Friday Knowing the inside and the outside in the real world. New pets, fights, or other (former) TV character antics: you’ll find it all here.

loves in the air

The contestants of ‘Big Brother’ Vera and Serkan are in a relationship now. © Instagram

It was barely a week in the “Big Brother” house, but for Sercan, his participation in the second season is still a hit. The Belgian reality star got to know Vera, who was on the same show and got more tours. After their mutual exit, they first deepened their friendship, and now the relationship has developed. “I’m really lucky with Vera” says Sercan overjoyed. reality queen† “She is really fun, and I can go crazy with her. But we can also really talk to each other, and she supports me in everything I do. I wish such a relationship for everyone. My only regret is that we can only see each other on the weekends. Long live Vera In the Netherlands and I’m in Belgium. Fortunately, we use FaceTime every day of the week. (laughs)”

However, it was by no means written in the stars that the two would become a couple. “When I first saw Vera, I was immediately moved,” says Serkan. “But I was dating someone at the time. I wanted to get it right first.” In addition, Vera later fell in love with Dmitriy, who was also at home. “I didn’t want to get involved in that,” Serkan explains. “When Vera got out of the house, we had a friendly connection. When her relationship ended, we were attracted to each other again. Our love grew out of this.”

At first, the couple wanted to keep their relationship secret. “Because I don’t have a lot of experience in relationships,” Serkan explains. “And I also thought it was a scary idea that a lot of people would suddenly have an opinion about. But it’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep all those fun moments to ourselves. We now also know where we stand with our feelings. If people find it necessary to be negative about it, Or to make fun of the fact that Vera had an affair with Dmitriy before, we don’t lose any sleep from that.” They have not (yet) received congratulations from the latter. “We didn’t have a lot of contact anyway,” Serkan explains. “Grace, Tobias, Hani, Julio and Salar have already told us how much they like this. Recently, there was also a barbecue at Kristof’s, where – to the delight of the host – we made our appearance as a couple. Vera has also received nice messages from the other ladies. It is such a pleasure to give us so much Of the people this happiness. Our families are also completely behind this relationship. Congratulations.”

cash in bulk

Dutch Leslie participated in the previous season of

Leslie Dutch participated in the previous season of “Ex on the Beach: Double Dutch”. © SBS

Leslie caused quite a bit of consternation in the previous season of “Ex on the Beach: Double Dutch” by being part of the first quartet on the reality series, and now the reality star knows how to make the most of her sexuality. In the Dutch channel NPO’s “Style” series, Leslie tells how much she earns from her OnlyFans page. The Dutch, for example, collect – in their own words – about twelve thousand euros a month.

Twins for Rhodania

Rhodania during her participation in

Rhodania during her participation in “Island of Temptation”. © SBS

She already has two children with son Levi Ace and daughter Villa Mae with ex-lover Morgan, but soon the Dutch “Temptation Island” candidate Rhodania will be busier. She announced on Instagram that she was pregnant with twins. The father is Rhodania’s new friend, about whom, unfortunately, little is known.

however: our end!

tempteesjon Goes “Ex on the Beach: Double Dutch”

The temptations of 'Temptation Island' in Romee and Ayleen can now be seen in 'Ex on the Beach: Double Dutch'.

The temptations of ‘Temptation Island’ in Romee and Ayleen can now be seen in ‘Ex on the Beach: Double Dutch’. © SBS

hip rahoe, because for a few weeks now, MTV has been cheering up the watch-tube kids with a new season of “Ex on the Beach: Double Dutch.” And this time, too, there are some familiar faces to identify. rinse until tempteesjonOld Romy and Eileen on the beach in Spain, to make life miserable for those who disagree with them. Knowing a Dutch prostitute, that’s without a doubt no problem…

This is how Romee was announced by MTV:

And so it happened with Eileen:

Not a sexy one anymore

the contestant

Contestant “Island of Temptation: Love or Leave” Julianne Davis (UK). © SBS

She was one of the bachelors who were turned down during Temptation Island: Love or Leave – with fellow Belgians Laura and Yannick – but in the meantime she did. lady chef Julian is no longer single. The prostitute from Munsterbilzen in Limburg has been forming a couple with Gianni Van Staay for some time now. He is active as a football player. His most recent club is VC Lille United, which is a third national team.

It turns out that the song, 'Island of Temptation: Love or Leave', was Julian off the grid.

It turns out that the song, ‘Island of Temptation: Love or Leave’, was Julian off the grid. © RV

Also no longer sexy one


“Island of Temptation: Love or Leave” contestant, Michelle (Netherlands). © SBS

One of Julian’s co-stars on Temptation Island: Love or Leave, Michelle has some sweet love news. She was happy with Roald for a while, according to LinkedIn A Ads Manager On the Dutch website Airfryertotaal. For those who have no idea what that is: a platform where you can learn all about how your hot air fryer works. Well Well!

brave confession

“Island of Temptation: Love or Leave” contestant Laure (BE). © SBS

We will conclude this week with the frontispiece “Island of Temptation: Love or Leave”. During the program she fell in love with Nico – and he is for her – but the relationship did not lead to this. Not that the Belgian brunette was awake: Laure shows on Instagram that she enjoys life just as much on her own. Well, usually anyway. Laure currently resides in Ibiza, and there she received a comment about her character from one of her followers. That criticism came, after which Laure wrote a candid post on Instagram. “After a severe eating disorder – where I hated my body every day for everything it was – today I have reached a point where I feel grateful to myself again,” she began. “It’s been a long road, but I can honestly say I love my body. With any weight or shape. My body is my skeleton. It gives me life. It does so much for me, without asking for anything in return. I am grateful for that.”

“At first, I was calm Effects Through this reaction.” “Because I think this person doesn’t really realize what it’s like to deal with an eating disorder Deal† But if there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years, it’s that I’m the one who needs to feel good in my body. And what others think about it: It would be worse for me.” Laure concludes her post with the following words of wisdom: “Please be kinder to each other, rather than judging each other. You never know what’s going on in someone’s head.”

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