May 29, 2023

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Record number of injuries in France, Greece, the United Kingdom and the United States |  Corona virus what you need to know

Record number of injuries in France, Greece, the United Kingdom and the United States | Corona virus what you need to know

Several countries have reported record numbers of new coronavirus infections. This is the case in France, Greece, the United Kingdom, and the United States, among others.

France On Tuesday it counted nearly 180,000 new confirmed cases, after it crossed the 100,000 mark just three days earlier, on Christmas Day. Specifically, it relates to 179,807 injuries. The pressure on hospitals is also building, with 2,110 new admissions on Tuesday compared to 1,634 on Monday.

in a England and Wales 129,471 infections were counted within 24 hours, also a new record. The UK figure does not include Northern Ireland and Scotland, where data collection has been delayed due to the holiday season.

in a Greece The number of new infections doubled in 24 hours. And 21,657 new cases were recorded on Tuesday. Until now, the number of new infections per day was between 3,000 and 5,000, but now the numbers are suddenly rising. Half of the new cases were recorded in and around the Greek capital, Athens. About 70 percent of the injuries were of the omicron type. According to health experts, the omicron is the cause of the alarmingly high numbers.

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Greece’s Health Minister Thanos Plifris had already announced on Monday that Omicron would tighten coronavirus measures from January. But in the meantime, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis has scheduled a crisis meeting on Wednesday to discuss the situation.

also United States of America Record numbers. At least 512,533 new infections were reported there on Monday. This unusually high number is likely in part due to the backlog of notifications over the weekend. But this does not change the fact that it is the largest number of cases recorded in a single day since the beginning of the epidemic in the country.

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In total, at least 527,934 people have been infected in the United States during the pandemic, according to the latest data from Johns Hopkins University. The death toll from Covid-19 has reached 818,371. Florida recorded the highest number of new infections on Monday (71,957), while Michigan had the highest death toll (299).

Meanwhile, about 205,196,973 Americans — or 61.8 percent of the eligible population — have received two doses of the Covid vaccine. Boosters are happening at a faster pace: More than 66 million Americans, or 32.3 percent of the eligible population, have already received an extra dose of one of the coronavirus vaccines.

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