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Red Devils live – Hakimi worries in Morocco, Martinez has good news about Lukaku |  Red Devils

Red Devils live – Hakimi worries in Morocco, Martinez has good news about Lukaku | Red Devils

The Red Devils have their first three points in the World Cup. A day after that win over Canada, national team coach Roberto Martinez had more good news. In Morocco, there are concerns about Hakimi and Mazraoui.


  1. 5:40 p.m.
  2. 5:38 PM Hakimi and Mazraoui against the Red Devils? Morocco may have to dispense with Achraf Hakimi against Belgium on Sunday. The Paris Saint-Germain right-back did not come out of the match against Croatia unscathed and is unsure about the game against the Red Devils with a slight burden on his thigh. Naseer Mazraoui may miss the Belgium match. The Bayern Munich player, who played against Croatia on the left flank, was injured an hour later and left the field on a stretcher. & nbsp; .
  3. 5:36 p.m.
  4. 5:33 p.m.
  5. 11-24-2022.
  6. 7:30 a.m. Do Belgians respect strong stats? There is a lot at stake for the Belgians tonight against Canada. After the questionable performances of the past few months, the Devils had better start beating the Indomitable Canadians, to immediately quell the negative mood. There are also some impressive stats at stake. The Belgians have not lost a World Cup match since the 1994 World Cup, when they lost to Saudi Arabia in dribbling Al-Hamar Al-Owairan. & nbsp; Only one country does that either: the Netherlands, who ran the boat against…the Red Devils in the same 1994 World Cup. A feather in Philippe Albert’s cap. .
  7. 07 am.
  8. 11-23-2022.
  9. 7:19 p.m. Only Lukaku missed pre-workout. 25 Red Devils appeared on the training field on Tuesday. As expected, Romelu Lukaku was the only person missing from the roll call. The national coach aims to give him the first minutes of playing in the World Cup in Morocco or Croatia. .
  10. 15:30 Watch the press conference with Roberto Martinez.

    Watch the press conference with Roberto Martinez:

  11. 15:02 Martinez announces the starting place for Eden Hazard. The main news of the press conference kept Roberto Martinez all the way to the end. When asked if it was a coincidence that Jan Vertonghen and not captain Eden Hazard were sent to the press conference, the national coach replied: & nbsp; “There are a lot of media requests about Eden. That’s probably the price you pay for being a Real Madrid player. The same goes for Thibaut Courtois and it was the same for Thomas Vermaelen back in the day.” “So we have to divide the work. Eden will be our captain tomorrow and he will start the game.” .
  12. 15 hours. Martinez: “Eden will be our captain tomorrow and start the game.”

    Martinez: “Eden will be our captain tomorrow and start the game”

  13. 14:59 Eden Hazard will be our captain tomorrow and start the match. Robert Martinez.
  14. 14:57 Yesterday there was a clear statement from the federations and now we want to talk about football. Let the power of football speak. Robert Martinez.
  15. 14:54 Medically, 25 players are completely fit. Not just Lukaku. We’re pleased with the progress he’s making, but we don’t know yet if he’ll be fully fit for the second or third game. Robert Martinez.
  16. 14 hours 52.
  17. 14 Q 51. What about Hazard and Lukaku? What is the playing status of Eden Hazard and Romelu Lukaku? “From a medical point of view, 25 players are completely fit. Only Lukaku is not. We are happy with the progress he is making, but we don’t know yet if he will be fully fit for the second or third game.” “Eden is our captain. The last two years have been difficult for him at his club, but with the national team the situation is completely different. It is very important that he is in our dressing room. With five substitutions, the situation has changed, because it is no longer about starting players. Just. Eden has talent and experience. Like everyone else, he has to fight for his place.” .
  18. 14:48 Roberto Martinez has a lot of respect for Belgium’s number one opponent. “It is no coincidence that Canada is in the World Cup. There is something special about this generation and they are a real team.” & nbsp; “Canada have pace, they like space, and they’re competitive. They don’t have any pressure. Playing against a team that has nothing to lose is always tough. We saw that in 2018 against Panama at the start. We have to deal with that again to hang around.” . .
  19. 14:44 The national coach learned from Egypt. Defeat against Egypt was not very reassuring. What lessons did Roberto Martinez learn from that defeat? “After Egypt, we analyzed the match. We got a lot of information from it. I think we learned a lot from it from the three days of training. Normally we have a few weeks to prepare for the World Cup, now it’s a few days, so this match taught us something.” .
  20. 2:44 p.m. It’s Roberto Martinez’s turn. We haven’t learned much about Jan Vertonghen’s chances of playing in the match against Canada. Maybe we’ll hear more from Roberto Martinez. .
  21. 2:42 p.m. Watch the press conference with Jan Vertonghen:.

    Watch the press conference with Jan Vertonghen:

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