February 6, 2023

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Reels videos are also part of Facebook of the day

Reels videos are also part of Facebook of the day

Through the integration, Meta allows, among other things, to put Reels in Facebook Stories or watch via the Watch tab. Additionally, there will be a “Reels” label at the top of your Facebook feed, and Meta will recommend users in some countries to use Reels.

The social media platform also takes the opportunity to add some updates. For example, from now on, the reels can only last 30 but 60 seconds.

Edit videos

In addition, Reels will receive the Remix functionality, as already known from TikTok. Remix allows you to reuse someone else’s video in your own video.

The Draft feature allows creators to create and save a video so they can work on it later before publishing it. And in the ‘coming months’ there should be better video tools for turning clips from long video clips and live broadcasts into reels.

Advertising is a little easier

For participants in the Meta advertising program, it becomes a little easier to earn money. Ongoing tests of banner and poster ads will extend to all of North America. More countries will be added in the coming weeks.

A banner ad is a transparent image overlayed under the video. Poster ad is smaller in size and can be placed anywhere in the video. Both are associated with the sponsor, and the video creator gets a portion of the advertising revenue.

Reels for Facebook was launched in the US in October of last year. The feature inspired by the popular music app TikTok can now be used all over the world.

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