December 7, 2023

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Reference number 3: Explaining climate change / weblog

Reference number 3: Explaining climate change / weblog


employment Sunday October 31, 2021 @ 00:51 books noizzieNL following:
There is no consistency in the doom stories they attach to outright lies (in regards to corals, see my link on that.

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And like Cogona, the climate hoax must save an agenda other than humanity or the planet!!


One does not exclude the other.

There can actually be a “doom” scenario with things like much higher water levels, river overflows, huge hailstones, massive storms, massive droughts, etc. on one hand.
On the other hand, a whole “environmental industry” is trying to make a profit.

I think the doomsday scenario may come true…
– If we don’t really do something
If there are no new technological developments
– If the consumption of raw materials continues to increase as it is now
– If deforestation continues to increase as it is now
– etc., etc.
So, if, if, and if…, the worst-case scenario is possible.

But in practice, it is of course better to get things done.
The rivers that were straight as an arrow now meander again (or what they call them) …
Dams are raised.
Things are prohibited and/or required like eehhh CO2 traps I know.
But in the end, you and I pay for it.
I still see it happen in my life that I am no longer insured against hail damage as standard and that I have to take out separate insurance for that. Yes, it only costs €75 an extra year, but it’s my money.
And this stream which should have a drainage area in our village is paid for by municipal taxes, which go up.

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I think it’s really simple.
Climate catastrophe is realistic if we don’t really do something and if people aren’t warned 24/7, they won’t care because people don’t really care.
So there’s whining and whining 24/7, and then we do 10% of what’s really necessary. This is how we prevent the worst disasters.
And the bill will come to you anyway.

I think it’s great that there’s so much interest, and that both the Greenpeaces and the Gretas are there, because let’s be real: If there weren’t these screaming fools out there, we wouldn’t care.
I’m from the time you couldn’t park with your bike next to a city bus.
summer day. Enjoy cycling home from school. He stopped in the middle of the intersection next to the bus (no, there weren’t many bike paths/bus lanes yet and definitely not in town)…and then she just died.
When that bus stopped, there was black diesel smoke that literally died and then I had to resuscitate you right there in the middle of that intersection. Really and really.
Nowadays, standing next to the bus is not a problem thanks to these eco-cookies. But without them the sky would be black.
Same with acid rain or asbestos brake discs.

Without constant warning, all climate disaster scenarios will come true.
Because people don’t do everything until it’s too late.
The same will happen with carbon dioxide.

There is already a climate catastrophe going on.
It is already being misused.
Somehow humanity will get away with it and survive… The cost will fall on you and me. as always.

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