December 5, 2023

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Reggie opens the doors of his academy again: “Are you looking for a new love on TV? This is not immediately” | TV

Reggie opens the doors of his academy again: “Are you looking for a new love on TV? This is not immediately” | TV

televisionThere is hope once again in a little-known talent willing to side with Regi Penxten (45) at Sportpaleis. Starting today, you can enroll in the second season of Reggie Academy. The first edition of this talent show, featuring 19-year-old Pauline Slangen as the winner, was a smash hit. “This 2.0 version will be bigger. Even more reggae,” the DJ laughs.

“Reactions to the first season have been very positive, which is why the sequel is almost counterintuitive,” Penxten continues. “Since then Pauline’s career as a bullet train has been launched. Platini’s record is on hand and her first solo track is about to expire. We’ve achieved the success we envisioned and it seems like a good incentive for those who want to sign up for the second season. I hope we can reach that high, Because a program like this remains a big gamble for me. A new voice the audience has to pick up. I have a reputation for sticking with it.”

Fear not Pauline, the new season of the talent show doesn’t mean that DJs are going to give her up. “She has truly become a part of the Reggie family, along with Camille, Olivia and Jaap Resima. So I will continue to support her and she will be on stage during the upcoming shows. However, new talent is always welcome extra. That way I can use some good male voices.” I would like to make an additional call for this.”

Penxten will not soon appear in other reality formats such as “De Bachelor”. “I have no intention of looking for a new woman on TV, even if there are already subtle inquiries. (Regi split from wife Elke Vanelderen at the beginning of 2021, editor) Who knows, I might run into the right person during my live shows this summer. You know what : If I’m still single next year, the stations can call again. (laughs) “

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Those who wish to enroll in “Reggie Academy” can visit

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