July 22, 2024

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Reggie picks not one winner, but two ‘Reggie Academy’ winners: ‘Both are full of talent’

Reggie picks not one winner, but two ‘Reggie Academy’ winners: ‘Both are full of talent’

Melanie (left) and Arnaud (right) will record a duet with Reggie. © Chris Van Exel

The fact that Reggie loves surprises was already evident during Reggie’s Academy. It was no different during the final, live in the all-sold-out Sportpaleis. The slot maker was crowned not one, but two winners. Both Arno Louwette (22) and Melanie Opio Amollo (18) are now part of the Regi family.

Nelly Kone and Denis van Goethe

lyrical song hang on for 20,400 spectators. This performance will be determined by Reggie Academy will win. And there was not one, but two. Winners Arno Louwette from Maasmechelen, Lonely Boy Left, and Melanie Opio Amollo from Mechelen have been announced and allowed to release their new single if i lose myself to sing.

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“I kept all the ramps open from the start,” says Reggie. “If the level in this version is not high enough, Reggie Academy Just no winner this year. But the level was high and it was difficult to choose until the last minute. choice lose, And voilaThis year Reggie Academy Two winners. Arnaud and Melanie are bursting with talent, so I’m very happy that my team has a much richer one-stroke clapper.”

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© Chris Van Exel

© Chris Van Exel

The VTM 2 final took place during the Sportpaleis party that completely ran out of Regi and was broadcast live on TV. For 16-year-old Hanne Reeg, it remains with that show in the largest auditorium in the country. Now Arnault and Melanie can get on the right track with Team Regi, which includes Gap Recima, Olivia Trabiniers and Paulian Slangen, the winner of Season 1 of Reggie Academy, is a permanent part of. Camille Donut and Emma Hester also performed at Sportpaleis on Saturday night.

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Ketnet and “The Voice”

Reggie’s new collectibles are not for the inexperienced. Despite her young age, Melanie Amulo has already toured with the musical Ketnet for her account, where she sang, acted and danced. In addition to music, she has just started her legal training at KULeuven. Arno Louwette shared last year Flanders’ voiceWhere he fought for a place in the battles. Then he had to drop out due to pneumonia. With his joint victory in Reggie Academy Make up for it now.

For Reggie, this was Sportpaleis’ biggest show ever – and that’s despite 25 concerts with Milk Inc. in the yard. “The hall is overcrowded,” he said beforehand, “there are no more backstages.” “I’m so proud of it. The fact that I can fill that room again, under my name, is so rewarding. When Milk Inc. started a break in 2014, I thought I’d never be there again. Now I’m the only Flemish artist selling that much. of tickets for one show.

© Chris Van Exel