March 28, 2023

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Relationship with footballer Dante Vanzer ended: Rafaella reappears in 'Love Island'

Relationship with footballer Dante Vanzer ended: Rafaella reappears in ‘Love Island’

Surprise on the “Island of Love”, because suddenly new candidates are conjured up, turning into old acquaintances. One of them is Raphaella Deuringer (23). She left the program by herself last season. And until recently, she was in a relationship with professional football player Dante Vanzer. This relationship is now over.

Let’s go back to the second season of love island. Then Raffaella fell in love with curly-haired Matthew, but when Jimmy snatched him away, she kept that credit to herself. She herself exited the program. “I didn’t want to stay another two weeks to find someone else and then finish the game,” she told us at the time. “I could try to get him back to me, but he chose someone else. I went to love island Being someone’s first choice, not becoming someone’s second or third choice.” She then entered into a relationship with professional soccer player Dante Vanzer. But surprisingly, that’s over now, almost a year later. She sees this second chance as the perfect way to get revenge. from the island.

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Another acquaintance of the villa: 22-year-old Mert. He won first prize in season two with Joan. Their relationship lasted for a year, but then ended.

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