December 8, 2022

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Remco Evenepoel buys an apartment in Spain and moves next week: "Plan for a room with a high ceiling, but then the architect will have to come back again" |  sports

Remco Evenepoel buys an apartment in Spain and moves next week: “Plan for a room with a high ceiling, but then the architect will have to come back again” | sports

CyclingOnce he seemed to be on his way to Monaco, but it became Spain. Next week Remco Evenepoel will move to the area around Alicante, where he has bought an apartment. “It’s a nice area for training.”


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It goes really fast with Remco Evenepoel (22). The world champion in a month, married, honeymooning and moving to Spain. “The area around Alicante is a really nice area to train. The weather is good all year round, so it’s perfect for my core and winter training. I also find the course a bit heavier than the Ardennes, which is also essential because I want to keep looking forward to the big rides and challenging climbs. Last year I actually spent the winter in that area.At that time it was still in a hotel, but with a permanent place it would be better.We actually bought the apartment last year, but it was ready to live in only a few weeks ago.After our honeymoon In the Maldives, we’ll be in Belgium for a few more days to get everything sorted and packed, and then drive to Alicante by car,” says Evenpole.

Evenpoel and his wife Umi with the crystal bike. © Gregory van Jansen / Photonews

Moving abroad has been on Evenpool’s mind for some time. Three years ago, the Monaco track was on the table, but that story fell through. Evenpoel prefer Spain. A far cry from all interest in Belgium. “The most dangerous thing is everyone wants a piece of me. We’ll have to keep that under control, so far it has worked out well. But November and December are going to be the hardest months in this regard. Then come the TV shows about the holidays, But we’ll just focus on cycling. I’ll focus on my daily life, not something like a singing competition. People who want something from me won’t know where I’m at or what I’m doing. That should help a bit,” Evenpoel said in The Geraint Thomas Cycling Club podcast .

Please note that Evenepoel does not intend to neglect his relations with Belgium and Schepdaal. In Belgium, he still lives at his parents’ house in Chipdal, but is also due to have a home soon.

room height?

Evenbúl does not yet want to reveal what his apartment in Spain will look like, but he has plans. In recent months, he has often stayed at the Synchrosfera Hotel in the Alicante region. Hotel with high rise rooms. He’s toying with the idea of ​​installing such a lofty room by himself. “You can recoup the expenses you earn for Synchrosfera with such a room in your house. So we have already thought about it, there are plans for it, but then the architect will have to visit it again…”

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Remco Evenepoel with his crystal bike.

Remco Evenepoel with his crystal bike. © Photo News

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