February 9, 2023

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Remko Evenpoel crowns himself champion in the Belgian time trial in Javier

Remko Evenpoel crowns himself champion in the Belgian time trial in Javier

Thursday, June 23, 2022 at 4:14 pm

Remco Evenepoel could call himself the new Belgian champion in time. The Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl rider had a fierce duel in Gavere and the surrounding area with teammate and outgoing champion Yves Lambert, who had to earn the silver medal after a solid trial. The local favorite Victor Campaerts was good to take the bronze.

This year’s Belgian Championship trial took place in Javier, the East Flemish village between Ghent and Odenard, which cycling enthusiasts clearly know for its Superprestige cyclo-cross. With Remco Evenepoel, there was a clear favourite at first. The Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl rider, who won his last try at the Tour of Switzerland last Sunday, set out to search for his first national title among the Pros today. However, Evenpole still had to deal with defending champions Yves Lambert, and local eye-catchers Thomas de Gendt and Victor Campanaerts, both of whom live in Javier.

Florian Vermeersch sets the first time target
Because of the number of cases of corona infection, the organization was forced to cancel the first of three waves. The start was delayed by an hour. Kobe Vanovershilde, who competed in the Tartelito-Iswerks, was the first rider to set the time (goal). The 34-year-old from Ghent took off the podium at 1.47pm, covering 34.8 km. So Fanoverschild had the honor of being the first to start, but he didn’t set a serious target time at the end. On the other hand, Florian Vermeersch drove a very good time trial: the young driver Lotto Soudal reached a time of 42 minutes 25 seconds.

Frederic Frisson at work – Photo: Cor Vos

Vermeersch had a fierce duel with Dries Devenyns for a spot in the hot seat, but the former turned out to be eight seconds faster than his older compatriot after more than 34 kilometres. With Vermeersch as our first reference, it was time we looked forward to trying other guns. In the second wave, Cian Uijtdebroeks, Laurens De Plus, Robbe Ghys and Frederik Frison were the main names. However, Uijtdebroeks and De Plus did not arrive at Vermeersch’s time and Ghys had to leave the battlefield early due to convulsions. On the other hand, Frison has been doing well in Javier and the surrounding area.

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The fight for the title broke out
The 29-year-old Lotto Soudal rider, who has been a constant value in the Belgian experience in recent years and is still good for a bronze medal in 2020, dived under teammate Vermeersch’s time at the second middle point and was able to continue his efforts towards the finish. In the end it turned out that Frison was five seconds faster than Vermeersch and so we got another rider in the hot seat. However, Frisson wasn’t sure of the win, far from it, because the real defenders had yet to come in the last wave. Aimee de Gendt, Xandro Morris, Thomas de Gendt, Ron Hergodts, Remko Evenpoel, Victor Campinerts and Yves Lampaert exited the starting podium in that order.

Among these riders, Yves Lambert set the fastest time after the first intermediate point after 5.8 kilometers. With a time of 6 metres and 43, which is good for an average of nearly 52 kilometers per hour, he turned out to be three seconds faster than the dead favorite Evenpoel. Campaerts scored the third goal, 11 seconds after Lampaert, and it looked like we were in a three-way battle for the Belgian title. The tension remained high at the second measurement point, because the difference between Evenpole and Lambert was still very small. Evenpole turned the tables and was now two seconds faster than Lambert. Victor Campinaarts (+21s) appeared to have pulled out of the fight for the tri-color jersey.

Remco Evenepoel on his way to gold – Photo: Cor Vos

Evenpool vs. Lambert for the title
In the meantime, Evenpoel was at full sprint and Lambert and Campinarts were able to lose more and more. After two out of three laps, Evenepoel was the first to dive in under 27 minutes (26m58s). Campinarts lost a lot of his feather and with one round left, he was a minute behind. Lambert was the only one who stayed close, but still had to concede 17secs to Evenpoel, who looked on his way to his first Belgian title with the Pros. The top candidates were unleashed and managed to pass Thomas de Gendt, who had started four minutes earlier.

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Catching up with Rune Herregodts, it wasn’t just for Evenepoel, but with a 40m22 finish time he came up with the national beta title. It was just a matter of waiting for Campinart and Lambert to arrive. The former gave in to Evenepoel for a minute and a half at the end, but took the bronze. Lambert was no longer able to make up for Evenpoel’s shortfall in the last kilometres, but he drove safely to second, and thus to the silver medal.

Final Stand – Photo: Cor Vos