June 2, 2023

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Renault Clio E-Tech Engineered test: everything from …

Launched in 2020 Renault one for the first time Hybrid version affiliate Cleo, a model aimed primarily (but not exclusively) at the fleet market. with him 1.6 petrol engine From Nissan, which develops 91 horsepower and is Two sets of electric motors (48-horsepower electric motor running at low speeds and starter-generator) The compact car enters the field Toyota Yaris Hybrid, a pioneer in this field. At the top of the Clio range is the E-Tech previously available in Sport RSLine-performance. Meanwhile, Renault has also developed Engineering special series Launched. While the first version stands out, the second version looks more conservative with its exterior Chest Gray with some details hot titanium At the bottom of the front bumper, on the side skirts and in the center of the rims. A tag on the driver’s door indicates the type of engine for this particular series, while a distinctive badge is affixed to the tailgate.

Renault Clio engineered arriere

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Well maintained interior

While the current Clio has already made a giant leap in terms of inner endE-Tech Engineered goes one step further with its details, like the warm titanium color on the dashboard. This color is also reflected in the seat stitching, making the whole look sober and elegant. This impression is reinforced by sills that repeat the shape of the driver’s door. You can also enjoy this Clio digital machines (10 inches), it Easy Link multimedia system With a screen of 9.3 inches, a inductive charger for your smartphone in the center console, LED lighting front and rear and electrically folding mirrors. You don’t feel like you’re in a small car, because the space is spacious and the interior is warm. The seats provide excellent lateral support and the controls are easily accessible. Only the operation of the Easy Link multimedia system is not always very intuitive and is no longer a problem after some practice.

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Renault Clio interior design

complex transmission

Unlike Toyota, which remains true to its continuously variable transmission for its hybrid cars, Renault has not taken the easy way out with its choice. Clutch clutch gearbox and multiple modes, without the clutch pedal. In practice, the countershaft gear (connected to the wheels) has teeth spaced apart with the special advantage of being easier to engage compared to a normal gearbox with synchromesh. Renault transmission has an advantage lighter and more compact But above all it is cheaper because of its simplicity. This simplicity is relative, however, as an electric motor is required for the dual-clutching process to avoid “squeaking” with each gear change and to reduce the vibrations inherent in the operation of the various motors. In total, it offers fifteen possible combinations, depending on the driving style and state of charge of the battery, which has a capacity of 1.2 kWh.

Renault Clio Engineering Door

Smooth driving

Like any hybrid, the Clio E-Tech Engineered starts with electricity unless the battery is dead. In this case, you will hear the combustion engine, but the noise level will certainly still be acceptable. What immediately stands out about this motor is its smooth running, which makes it hard to notice the power with which it is running. Smooth and calm Cleo stimulates a Comfortable driving style With great anticipation. As long as you respect the speed limits, you can use less than 5l/100km in built-up areas – his favorite playground. When needed, 145 horsepower is ready, but the acceleration isn’t amazing, because the powertrain always favors energy efficiency over pure performance. Because of the “coffee grinder effect” of the CVT, the transmission sometimes reacts a little slowly and the piercing sound of the combustion engine, rushing at a very high speed, is more emphatic. During our test drive on normal roads and highways, we recorded an average overall consumption of 5.1 l / 100 km.

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Renault Clio Engineering Badge


Clio E-Tech Engineered is a pleasure to look at and drive. During our week of testing, it fully lived up to our expectations. It drives more relaxed than its combustion-engine counterparts, but it calculates with its technology and subtlety: 28,600 euros is a huge budget for a small car…

Renault Clio engineered by Jante

Renault Clio E-Tech by numbers

Average WLTP consumption: 4.4 l / 100 km

co2: 94 g / km

Price: 28,600 euros

BIV: Flanders: 50.38 euros, Wallonia and Brussels: 123 euros

Road tax: Flanders: €222.32, Wallonia and Brussels: €323.27

Icumalus Wallonia: 0 euros