September 26, 2022

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Republicans are particularly critical of the report on how Biden has pulled US troops out of Afghanistan.

Republicans are particularly critical of the report on how Biden has pulled US troops out of Afghanistan.


Republicans in the US are coming out soon with a statement particularly critical of President Joe Biden’s troop withdrawal from Afghanistan. American channel CNN can already see the final version of the report.

Source: CNN

At the height of the US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, Kabul airport had only 36 officers escorting fleeing Afghans. That’s according to a critical report by Republicans. It is noteworthy that there would have been only one officer for the 3,444 evacuees.

This is one of the details of the withdrawal that have not yet been released. According to the report, the president also allegedly failed to truthfully represent the facts and said there was no plan to prevent US-trained Afghan commandos from being recruited by the opposing side.

“Many of the Biden administration’s withdrawal plans were in place in the spring of 2021, some even before the president announced his withdrawal. And despite the Taliban’s gains on the battlefield, the worsening security situation and revised intelligence assessments, they were never updated,” said Michael McCaul, the top Republican on the Foreign Affairs Committee.

The evacuation planes took off with only 50 percent of their capacity loaded, the report said, “due to a lack of proper planning by the Biden administration.” But the processing of Afghan refugees at the airport gates was slow and resulted in chaos.

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According to the report, men on the evacuation flight were said to be the main victims, while the situation of women under Taliban rule was dire. Also, the fact that the refugees ended up on the runway and stuck on the plane testifies to poor planning.

A Republican statement will be released soon. The exact date has yet to be set, but on Monday the Taliban celebrated the first anniversary of their seizure of power in Afghanistan. A report is scheduled to be released at that annual event.

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