July 21, 2024

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Residential and care center launches unique project: Sense Garden brings the story to life

Residential and care center launches unique project: Sense Garden brings the story to life

Home and care ‘t Hoge has opened a therapeutic experience space for people with dementia with the Sense Garden. “The project has now been tested three times and the feedback has been positive,” say Levin Kastelin and Maria Bottai, the caregivers supervising the sessions.

“My mission six months ago was to do something with a space in Knibbe, our department for people with dementia,” says quality coordinator Aurélie Ghys from Koksijde. “I started looking for a project that could really improve the quality of life for these vulnerable people. I started delving into all that was out there. I myself am not from the healthcare industry, but my grandmother, who passed away in the meantime, had dementia.”

“From my personal contacts with her, I know a little bit about what works and what doesn’t. There is no cure, but we must try to allow them to live as beautiful a life as possible. I ended up with Sense Garden, a virtual journey through the personal life story of our residents.”

A questionnaire

Based on a resident handbook with a questionnaire completed by the family, we gain insight into this life story. We ask about his childhood, family composition, previous occupation(s), interests, hobbies, interesting people, favorite songs, pleasant memories, and so on. We also ask for photos from the past. All of these answers give me a wealth of information about the resident. We’re putting everything in place, and the digital story is the basis for getting started on Sense Garden in the same section.”

“Thanks in part to Cera’s financial support, we have been able to provide the space in question very well. With a large screen, lounge chair, mood lighting, aroma diffuser and coffee corner. The Sense Garden session is, as it were, a safe cocoon and should be able to carry on in peace and security.”

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It is preferred that a family member be present during the session. Two ‘t Hoge carers were trained to supervise the session. They are healthcare professional Maria Bottai and social worker Levin Kastelin.

Stimulating the senses

“All of the inhabitant’s senses are stimulated in the Sense Garden,” says Levin Castlin. “See, hear, smell, feel, and finally taste. A magic wall, delicious scents and lighting make the inhabitants relax. The family album is shown and discussed along with photos of other familiar faces and past scenes on a big screen. For it is also known that songs from the old box he knows She can work miracles, there is also music. Sometimes we sing and dance. Fitness and graceful mind. Cycling in Sense Garden is like cycling in nature.”

“It’s nice to see how many emotions are being unleashed,” adds Maria Bottai. “Emotions and reactions that the immediate family has, but which we also do not see otherwise in our population with dementia. Surprise, joy and occasional tears. At the end we offer a moment of reflection to process all the impressions together. With coffee or tea and biscuits. We create a relationship with the residents and the family. We get to know who We also apply some of the information gained in daily care. After all, we are constantly striving for person-oriented care.”

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Sense Garden is primarily for patients with dementia. Sessions are held on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.