December 6, 2022

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'Resolving the conflict did not suit some parties'

‘Resolving the conflict did not suit some parties’

To remember: TV maker Bart De Pauw was on trial at the end of last year for assault and cyberstalking of 13 women, including actresses Mike Kavmayer, Lisa Nairt, Liz Ferrin and Ella John Hennard. The Public Prosecution demanded a year in prison with a delay. On November 25, Di Pauw was sentenced to six months in prison with a reprieve and a symbolic €1 in compensation for three of the victims who had filed civil suits.

De Pauw has not appealed the ruling, but the case is still developing.

Because Lawyer Kristen Mosch’s statement, also in Humothat De Pauw would have returned to work long ago if he had chosen to mediate between himself and his victims, had begun treatment, pleaded guilty and paid compensation.

Kristen Mosci was not the first to criticize the failed mediation attempt in the media. As Lisbet Stevens, deputy director of the Institute for the Equality of Men and Women, reported in De Standard. According to Stevens, conversations between De Pauw and a number of ladies went wrong because of Bart De Pauw. But Verhag now wants to refute that.


“The conversations between him” (Dibau, ed.) and a number of women were scheduled for September 3 and 4, 2018, she said, because civil parties’ lawyers had not yet been able to see the file.” That’s a lie: They could have seen the file, including statements made by Bart D. Pau, at the end of April 2018. The fact that they ended the mediation because they would have been shocked after the agreements were made with what Bart de Pauw said in his statements was therefore an excuse.”

A few weeks later, this mediation attempt was leaked to the press. It is needless to add that such a leak will eventually eliminate any serious mediation.” “Real mediation means that one begins it openly and with the greatest confidence. This is not how it went. In my opinion, the resolution of the conflict did not suit some parties. Let’s not forget that Liesbet Stevens and Christine Mussche have repeatedly stated in interviews that the De Pauw case should become a catalyst that will give the #MeToo movement a boost. And let’s not forget either: all costs of the operation were paid for by the civil parties by the Lisbet Stevens Institute. ”

The resolution of the dispute is exactly what De Pauw and Verhaeghe wanted, as the same lawyer says: “We and Bart de Pauw loved nothing more than an open and honest dialogue with the participating ladies. Nothing more, nothing less.”

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