February 1, 2023

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Return of the Masked Singer: Trailer shot at Duras Castle in Sint-Truiden (Sint-Truiden)

Duras Castle stars in the new trailer for VTM’s hit show “The Masked Singer”. © vtm

Sint Truiden

The Masked Singer is back. In a mystery trailer, VTM has already shared a glimpse of one of the new costumes. Participants are dropped off at Duras Castle in Sint-Truiden. How the recordings went and what role the castle plays the most, no one can lose.

Joseph Cross

How, what, when and who: We don’t know anything about the new season of The Masked Singer, only that Jens Dendoncker is the new presenter of the popular VTM show. In a mystery trailer, VTM now also shares a glimpse of the new costume. The video was recorded at Duras Castle in Sint-Truiden.

Driver Lieutenant-Colonel Jens Dendoncker stops a blinded car at a mysterious gate, then drives into the domain of Duras Castle. There the characters get out of the carriage and head towards the castle.

How did the recordings go, whether the castle plays an additional role in the program and whether the people of Truien discovered the participants? Everything is shrouded in mystery. A number of Duras residents participated in the recordings, but they are not allowed to speak about them. Anyone related to the group from far or near should shut up. It has been confirmed that the recordings did indeed continue in the castle.

Watch the trailer at Duras Castle via this link.

Duras Castle in Sint-Truiden. © jcr

© vtm

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