June 5, 2023

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Review: Forza Horizon 5 - NWTV

Review: Forza Horizon 5 – NWTV

Actually it was a turn Forza Motorsport To invent a new part, but last summer we were told it was time Forza Horizon 5. Not a big deal, of course, since the previous game is about three years old. Over the past few weeks, we’ve taken a lot of time to explore the whole of Mexico, and below you can read what it was like.

For those who have never loved Horizon Forza he heard: Horizon Forza It is an open world racing game that has a lot to do. This time it was no different, there is another huge festival taking place which attracts many contestants. After a number of mandatory races, you will have the opportunity to go your own way. By completing races and missions, such as driving as fast as you can through speed traps and speed zones, you get points and unlock new content. The races are divided into different parts, such as street and off-road races, and when you collect enough points, you can participate in a kind of closing race. This is also included Forza Horizon 4 Indeed, not much has changed there.

But if not much has changed in terms of content, why is this part still worth it? This mainly relates to the region in which this time occurs. Mexico is very diverse as you drive from the jungle to the city and then back to some kind of desert. The world has never been this big before so there is a lot to discover. This time, attention was paid to even the interior of the buildings. Where previously all houses were closed, now you can often look inside and see chairs and benches, for example. Although the map is huge, there is no piece that feels like stale padding and that’s what makes driving that much more fun.

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what or what Forza Horizon 5 What makes it great is the amount of content. We put more than forty hours into this game and still have enough parts on the card to be brand new. But these are only the parts that the developers put in place, because you also have the option to build your own race. For example, you could do a race that does a full lap across the country, something that would probably take an hour with a slightly slower car. But you can also play races made by others. So you could end up putting hundreds of hours into it and doing something different each time, and few racing games can say that.

Another point that greatly improves gaming fun is the loading times. In the previous part, it sometimes took more than a minute (especially on Xbox One) before you were finally in the car. Now there are just over ten seconds between the menu and the start of driving. Changing cars is also a piece of cake, and it’s something you likely do often. Everything just fits, it feels very streamlined.

Forza Horizon 5 It does not make major changes compared to the previous part, but it brings refinement. Mexico is a very diverse environment and that is what makes it so beautiful. The amount of content is huge and you will be able to enjoy this part for many hours. Even if you’re not a big racing fan, Forza Horizon 5 It’s at least worth a try, especially if you have an Xbox Game Pass.

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Forza Horizon 5 was played on Xbox Series X | S for this review. The game is also available on Xbox One and PC.