January 31, 2023

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Review: Just Dance 2022 - NWTV

Review: Just Dance 2022 – NWTV

Nowadays, there are many games that seem to come back every year with a new version, including the dance game from Ubisoft. We are now back to Just Dance 2022 And we went to work with our flexible hips to see if this part was challenging enough.

If we look at the previous parts, we will find that they were mostly the same except for some minor tweaks. Now a game like this is all about existing dances and songs. We can already reassure you: Ubisoft has done it again this time. There are again many new songs, both old and contemporary such as Olivia Rodrigo with Good 4 U and Happier Than Ever by Billie Eilish. Even K3 with the new song Waterfall is in the game. Unfortunately, this is also one of the few changes and the basics of the game are almost unchanged. This isn’t an immediately huge drawback considering the dances and music, but it would be nice if a brand new Challenge mode was available with some game elements.

What is also remarkable is that in recent years the number of songs has been relatively limited compared to previous parts of the franchise. This is mainly due to the add-on service from Ubisoft to give access to more than 700 songs with a subscription. For 25€ per year, you get access to Just Dance Unlimited, a platform that gives you access to a large database of songs and dances that you can simply choose and play. This was of course a huge plus to the franchise, but it still required a new portion each time you easily paid €40,-. This seems rather high when you consider that you have relatively little content with the indie game.

Just Dance 2022

Looking at the different modes, it is of course possible to play again online in the world tournaments against other dancers around the world and compete for the first place. If you don’t feel like it, you can of course play alone or with a few other players locally to unlock different avatars and prizes. Playing together is also the strength and fun of the game because you are challenging each other to get the best score and you can do this of course by imitating a timed weighing dance. Graphically speaking, Just Dance 2022 has undergone a slight upgrade when it comes to the characters performing the dance moves. It looks a little more realistic and fits better with the theme of the song, making it more fun to watch.

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