June 5, 2023

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Review: None Phone (1).  money for nothing

Review: None Phone (1). money for nothing

an introduction

The phone (1) was introduced out of nothing this week, as you can read earlier in our preview. For around 500 euros, you get a phone with a story. Nothing is trying to grab its market segment with this new device, as the brand is trying to get to the core as much as possible and only wants to make meaningful choices.

The back steals the show.

These are relatively expensive options, because for about 500 euros you get a phone with a SnapDragon 778G processor and a 6.55-inch OLED screen. You can also purchase this set for a much smaller amount. Where you often get an adapter and cover from other brands, these are options that can be bought from scratch. If you look at how much noise nothing about this device makes, you’d think it’s a flagship, but it’s actually an expensive mid-range.

You will only receive a phone and a USB cable.

Earlier this week, we brought you the new phone, in this comprehensive preview. We summarize that story a bit in this review and then talk mainly about performance.

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