December 7, 2023

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Review: Revita - NWTV

Review: Revita – NWTV

at Revita We must regain our memory by climbing a huge tower. Unfortunately, there are too many enemies standing between us and our target. So we have to fight to survive. The game was released on PC in Early Access a year ago and is now officially available, including on the Nintendo Switch. Read our review of this double-stick roguelite shooter here.

beginning of Revita Helps us make our way with the controls and we get the tip of the iceberg in terms of the story. Then we start again and we have to get to the bottom of the giant tower, divided into several zones, eliminating all kinds of enemies. Each area divided into a number of rooms with enemies, options for upgrades and finally a huge boss for each area until we reach the end. Since it’s a roguelite, the game doesn’t assume you’ll win right away, but you can unlock new upgrades outside of the pots.

During the adventure we noticed that the theme Revita It mainly focuses on the six stages of mourning. At the end of each world, you fight avatars of things like anger, depression, or denial. During this adventure, you also have to choose upgrades, essentially giving up your life force. So you have to think about whether you prefer to strive for more power or more life, sometimes you have to risk more for a higher chance of winning. If you die in the end, then you can invest in things again to make the next few games a lot smoother.


The environments are very dark, which means that the different themes do not come on their own. Plus, the worlds and enemies don’t feel so unique that it’s as challenging as a Isaac’s binding or Enter Gungeon, Because the rooms and enemies are very similar except for the bosses. This is a shame because the concept of the stages of grief is interesting. The game also seems very slow at first until you unlock more things. The concept of thinking about whether you want to trade your life energy for more power fits nicely with the theme of the game, because what are you willing to give up to get more power?

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Revita It’s a great concept and it definitely does some things really well, which makes playing the game now and then definitely fun. However, it is a pity that the graphics look too mediocre. The environments are very dark so it doesn’t really dare have its own character and the gameplay can quickly become repetitive because the different worlds don’t discriminate either. However, the concept of handing over a life force for further upgrades is interesting enough to play, because how far will you go? All in all, fun to do now and then.

For the sake of this review, Revita has been played on the Nintendo Switch. The game is also available on PC.