December 5, 2022

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review |  Stray - PlaySense

review | Stray – PlaySense

review | stray – Playing with a cat as the main character in the game is not very common. This is the case in Stray and since the announcement, the game has received a lot of attention. It’s a different thing for once, the cat acts just like a real cat and of course has some magic. Stray is now released on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC. There is also big successAs the game is very popular. Of course we were also curious about this title and in this review we tell you why Stray is worth it.

You broke up with your friends

Stray is more than just a platformer where you play with a cat, the game has a true story that is captivating from start to finish. She begins in a dilapidated area, where she lives with several other cats. Like every day, after a night of rest, you go out with your friends again in search of food. However, an unfortunate event that separates you and leaves you in uncharted territory is alarming. Sitting still is not an option and this makes you stumble and from there an interesting situation unfolds.

The game takes place in the future and that also means that you come across people that you don’t see on the streets today. It will not be superfluous to give more details about the story, you can find out for yourself. The truth is, it’s interesting from start to finish, in part because you know the characters who help you, and because they also come up with their own story. This in turn is related to the memories that act as collectibles in Stray. This also means that you have another reason to explore the levels again after you finish the game, which can lengthen your playing time somewhat.

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short but sweet…

And speaking of playtime, Stray is far from a long game. When we got to the credits, we had less than four hours on the counter, which stretches a bit if you start collecting via class selection. The total playing time is five or six hours at most, so it’s a fairly compact game. This is also a cash point, as the €29.99 price tag would be on the huge side for playtime. However, the adventure is short, sweet, and rewarding. This is present in the story, but also the gameplay, which is well taken care of, as the developer has tried as much as possible to translate the life of a cat into a digital experience.

You even have a real meow button, which you press regularly because you can. In addition, you will regularly encounter places that you can scratch to sharpen your nails. If you stand on a shelf and see something along the ledge, press the button and you throw it away. If you decide to take a break, you’ll hear the cat’s purr through the console’s loudspeaker. A cat lover knows exactly what we mean by this, it’s typical cat behavior. It’s all in Stray and if you don’t know any better, you’ll think you’re watching a cat video.

Puzzle and platforms

Since we are now playing with a cat, we have four legs and the size of the animal is also different from the average hero in the game. This offers a different approach to the gameplay, where you can browse through things more easily, and also climb on things. This is the platform you will find in the game. You walk from A to B most of the time, and then it’s up to you to find the right path. This involves a little bit of pressure at times, because you also face enemies. However, as a cat, you are intelligent and jump from one object to another without much effort. It looks as simple as it gets, but it works very well and makes the gameplay more than great in this regard. However, the only point is that it is not challenging, as it is mainly about timing as well as good guidance. So it will no longer be difficult.

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To add more variety to the gameplay, you will be regularly sent on some sort of mini-quest. This can be collecting certain potions to unlock something else, as well as distracting the characters to get something. These types of missions are explained through the story, which makes them seem very natural and appropriate. You won’t get bored for a moment and some of these missions are optional, giving you other things to complete in addition to collecting collectibles if you haven’t accessed them before. Since it’s optional, it doesn’t yield much except for trophies, but since the game plays well, there’s a good chance that you’ll keep dealing with this to enjoy the game longer. Add to that a few puzzles here and there and the gameplay will seem like a solid piece with enough variety to stay interesting.

beautiful environments

In terms of gameplay, Stray has a lot to offer, and the same goes for the story. To complete all this, you can also expect an excellent audiovisual presentation. In terms of voice acting, a real cat was used, just like the motion capture of the animation, so that the most important part of the audiovisual terminology is perfectly fine. But the accompanying music is also subtle, exciting, and sometimes scary, so it fits perfectly with the atmosphere. This alone shows that the developer has worked on the game with a great deal of love.

And we’re not there yet, because the visual presentation is really top notch next to the animations mentioned. You’ll visit a variety of locations throughout the adventure, including cities, sewers, factories, and more. In each location you will find all kinds of indoor environments, such as cafes, homes, shops, laboratories, etc. Each site is carefully designed and has a detailed look and atmosphere, which you can enjoy in 4K Ultra HD. At the same time, you can experience the adventure at 60fps without any drop, which makes Stray’s performance top notch. It’s the proverbial icing on the cake and all of these elements together make Stray an excellent game.

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Played on: Playstation 5.
Also available at: Playstation 4 and PC.


Stray is a special game because you play with a cat and of course it comes with all kinds of cat items. The developer has worked on it to perfection and offers you a series of beautiful levels that have been compiled with great care. The gameplay consists of platforms, puzzles, and some other elements, so it will never get boring. However, everyone lacks any challenge, because it will never be difficult. This also means that the playing time is rather short and can be a breaking point compared to the purchase price. Also because after you’re done, you actually want more. But with that being said, we’re only positive about the game. The gameplay works like a charm, it is good audiovisually and as a complete set, the game is highly recommended.


  • fun game
  • Interesting story
  • beautiful environments
  • Typical cat things


  • on the short side
  • Not really a challenge