December 4, 2022

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review |  WRC Generations - PlaySense

review | WRC Generations – PlaySense

review | WRC generations – French developer Kylotonn Racing has been providing us with WRC games for the past few years, with a new part being released almost every year. However, the license will go to Codemasters starting next year, unfortunately leaving publisher Nacon and Kylotonn Racing empty-handed. To bid farewell to their series of beautiful rally games, we now have not only WRC 11, but WRC Generations. A game that should offer the best of generations of rallying, but is that enough to keep enthusiasts happy for the foreseeable future?

WRC generations are… WRC 10?

The site below played WRC 10 a lot in the last year and the new part is the same in this genre. This is no different now, and is actually a feature of the franchise. He is advancing in strides instead of stern strides. There is nothing wrong with that, after all, you can only do a limited number of things if you have a one-year development time. The truth is that over the years Kylotonn Racing has really perfected the making of rally games. This resulted in WRC 10 Last year I got 8.0, but the WRC generations won’t make it.

The game is not necessarily a step forward compared to last year. Rather a step back and that’s because of a few things. First of all, the game is almost identical to WRC 10. This means that you again get the standard modes such as quick play, career mode, the option to race freely in the test environment and more. There is also no shortage of challenges, which we already played last year. It all looks very special and of course there are some new things in the WRC generations, but we doubt if that justifies the whole purchase. It’s WRC 10 in a slightly broader shell when it comes to content.

This means that if you are a newcomer, you will automatically get the most comprehensive package with WRC Generations. The game is equipped with everything that has been presented to you in recent years, as well as some additional countries and associated tracks. This gives you a large selection of racing locations and this is very broad. The variety and quantity of the cars, now complemented by hybrid models, is no reason to complain about them, so they are perfectly fine in terms of content. At the same time, if you played the previous parts, there is no need to buy this new part at full price. She has very little to offer for that.

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step back

We can live with the fact that the WRC generations are kind of “the best”, with an added nuance. What is even more remarkable is that the game has fallen behind last year on several fronts. To be fair, WRC 10 was a pretty good game which is why it’s so strange to see us dealing with a title less than a game that’s already making headway. First of all, the game can be played on PlayStation 5 in two graphical modes, and you will get 60 frames per second if you choose 2K resolution. If you prefer nicer graphics, you can also choose 4K at a frame rate of 30 fps. However, it does not matter from a practical point of view, because graphically the game hardly becomes more beautiful if you switch to 4K. And halving the frame rate isn’t a nice thing, so we quickly went back to 2K.

What is also remarkable is that the graphics are quite variable. The cars look good as usual and some of the tracks are graphically nice, but when the weather gets a bit bad all the rain effects are overexposed. This seems pretty weird and given that the previous part was better, we wonder what exactly Kylotonn has done in this area. It should also be noted that the damage model is still very simple. Since the column is set higher and higher these days, we also expected some progress. Not to mention when it comes to physics, because it’s still not your thing. You fly at the slightest thought or come to a complete stop due to unimportant objects on or near the track. It’s volatile, so even with a perfect race, you can still go wrong. You don’t trust the tracks, as it were, until you know them well and that’s a shame.

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Other issues we’ve already addressed in previous reviews still remain as well. Then think about the unpredictability of a race. You win one race with a huge lead, and then by one race, you are behind your competitors who are highly computer controlled. It is a bit ‘all over’, which makes it hard to estimate what the hike will be like in its entirety. Of course you have to drive with the newest roads, but once things are broken it’s good to have some margin in the next race. However, this is so unpredictable that it is always surprising how it turns out after the race. There really isn’t any logic to that.

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But with all these points mentioned, we can’t classify WRC Generations as a drama either. If the races go well for you, you have feeling in your fingers and you discover the different locations, you will have a great time. It’s quite a shame that this is the heyday of Kylotonn’s WRC gaming years, but unfortunately the developer didn’t succeed. It’s strange to see that the game has moved backward rather than forward at certain points – or that it has remained consistent. After all, you would expect that at some point some of the deficiencies that were often raised will be resolved. Instead, the developer has turned its attention to some new additional content as mentioned.

Honorable mention for multiplayer, one of the points of interest for this year. This is more comprehensive than ever thanks to the many different options and the possibility to participate in leagues, where you can participate in online races individually or as a team. It’s a great addition, especially when you play in a team. The online clip could simply be described in a nutshell as well maintained, were it not for the fact that criticism points apply here as well. Moreover, the advice is to quickly turn off the speaker of the DualSense controller, because when you’re driving over stones, it’s as if someone is sitting next to you on the couch rattling with a cookie sheet full of nuts and bolts. Beautiful effect, which quickly becomes annoying unfortunately. The rest of the sound is as good as before.

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Played on: Playstation 5.
Also available for: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC.


At its core, WRC Generations is a crowd game with a lot of content to offer. But if you played the previous parts, they are relatively new under the sun. It’s the same content as before, but it expands here and there. Since the game doesn’t make the technical progress we’d like to see, this game is not recommended if you already have WRC 10. Haven’t played rally games in years? Then this can be a good buy, but keep in mind the criticisms. This should have been fixed a long time ago, but it isn’t. That’s not to say the experience is exciting, but it simply could have been better, and it’s a pity that the WRC generations don’t. But with that said, WRC Generations is more complete online than ever and there is a lot more to do in the game in terms of racing. It can keep you entertained for a very long time if you get past the negatives.


  • Many tracks
  • many cars
  • Online multiplayer
  • Fun challenges…


  • …but his repetition of movements
  • Graphics are not strong
  • Physics is still not perfect
  • A little innovation and improvement