December 7, 2023

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Rihanna creates sexy lingerie for men.  “They should also feel represented.” |  pattern

Rihanna creates sexy lingerie for men. “They should also feel represented.” | pattern

Valentine’s Day is coming. The cliché says that women get sexy lingerie at the height of love. But leave it to Rihanna to be original: she suggests reversing the roles. With their lingerie label Savage x Fenty, they stand out with a range of bold pieces for men.

Inclusivity has always been Rihanna’s hobby. With Savage x Fenty, lingerie is made for everyone, regardless of clothing size, skin tone or sexual orientation. Even when teaming with models, she plays the role of diversity. And this is no different from her latest Valentine’s Day collection. This time she was thinking mainly of men.

specially for V-day She is launching a new line. You can only describe it one way: sexy through and through. There are small boxer shorts, a bright red belt, and tops made of sheer mesh, but also skinny shorts and baggy satin boxers with hearts on them. And yes, everything is made for men.

Stigmas for men

This isn’t the first time Rihanna has released men’s underwear. This is a very conscious choice. “The world of fashion is gradually becoming more diverse, but men are still represented by one definite genre, especially when it comes to models who wear lingerie,” she told the Associated Press in the past. So she wants to change that. “I want to work with men of all sizes and colors. When it comes to inclusion, men aren’t given much attention. They also have to feel represented.”

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She has a point there: We sometimes forget that men, too, are faced with day in and day out with muscular adonis in ad campaigns. Because of this, they may also feel insecure about their bodies or be under pressure to lose weight and muscle. They are also less likely to talk about it. So Rihanna’s collections are a step in the right direction to change this.

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With this new streak, Rihanna is also throwing out outdated stereotypes. It shows that some men like to wear sexy underwear, rather than boring cotton boxer shorts. This statement earned her a lot of praise on social media. One person wrote on Twitter: “Victoria’s Secret would never do that.” Twitter user Howie is happy that the Barbados designer is listening to her fans. “When I first sold men’s underwear, we said the same thing:”girlEven more cute, we want something different from your typical boxer shorts. Now look… other brands can learn a lot from it.” We can’t help but agree with Howie.

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