November 27, 2022

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Crypto weekoverzicht: Ripple klaar voor uitspraak, bitcoin prijs daalt

Ripple Ready to Rule, Bitcoin Price Drops

The past week has seen surprising developments once again. The market is more polarized than ever, and now many people still have a deeper price correction Bitcoin (BTC) We expect other coins. But it wasn’t all bad Crypto News.

Cryptocurrency price consolidation (but in red)

For starters, most coins are still stuck between them the support And the resistance. Although last week was much redder than last week, we immediately brought back the gains made by many coins in recent days. The Doges And the HammerThe candlesticks that are forming now near the support line look quite unpleasant.

Bitcoin exists, according to analysts unexplored waters. For the first time in the history of the 200 . coin, weekly moving average Broke, which was previously supported even during every bear market. After this important indicator now resistanceso it will also take some time before this line again the support he is.

At the time of writing, Bitcoin is trading at $18,900 on the cryptocurrency exchange Queen Piece. On the Dutch cryptocurrency exchange bitvavo The price of bitcoin in euros is now 19,487 euros. In short, this week as well, it looks like Bitcoin will close in the red again tonight, which will be the second red week in a row.

Ripple and SEC don’t want to fight anymore

Meanwhile, the lawsuit between the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Ripple is still raging after more than a year and a half. But this week summoned both parties for the judge to make a decision. Apparently, not only Ripple but also the Securities and Exchange Commission itself is done with the wrangling.

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So there will be a verdict “soon” on whether Ripple and the top accused persons are guilty or not. John Deaton, the avid attorney who was involved in the lawsuit from the start, confirms with it That the final judgment may take longer than many of us hope. Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse cites. At the Messari Conference, Garlinghouse stated that ruling could take two to nine months.

Bankruptcy of most Ethereum miners – Cardano Vasil direct

while, Ethereum (ETH) Merge has been upgraded. Many miners were not entirely happy with this and decided to dump the Proof of Work version that Ethereum has since left behind. But the fork has not been successful so far. According to one miner, even 90% of miners go bankrupt.

also with Cardano (ADA) There is a lot on the agenda. This week, Cardano Network upgraded Vasil, which Faster and cheaper transactions You must make that possible. Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson is Very optimistic about change. According to some, the switch is equal Bigger Than Ethereum Merge Upgrade.