November 27, 2022

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Rishi Sunak: Liz Truss made a mistake and I'll fix it

Rishi Sunak: Liz Truss made a mistake and I’ll fix it

Britain completed the change of its government. Liz Truss tendered her resignation as Prime Minister shortly before noon. Thereafter, King Charles appointed Rishi Sunak and delivered his first speech as Prime Minister.

A little later in the afternoon he gave his first speech, especially stressing that a difficult task awaited him. “I accepted the king’s request to form a government,” Sunak said upon his return from Buckingham Palace. Our country is in deep crisis. We are still struggling with the fallout from Corona, the war in Ukraine is plunging us into a severe energy crisis.

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Yes, mistakes were made.

“Liz Truss wasn’t wrong,” Sunak said of his predecessor. ‘So I like her.’ Yes, I made mistakes, but it was not out of bad faith, but on the contrary. But mistakes are made, I will fix them. This country needs economic stability, and difficult decisions lie ahead. We should not burden our children and grandchildren with debts because we do not solve problems. I have a firm belief that I will earn people’s trust.

Sunak also paid tribute to Boris Johnson, the former prime minister. “The mandate our party received in 2019 belongs to everyone,” he said. “I know I’ll have work to do to restore confidence, but I’m confident she will.”

By the way, the British media noted that none of Sunak’s supporters came to his first press call for the traditional round of applause for the new prime minister. This was seen as a signal to make the Conservative Party appear as a bloc, and not as a party in which individuals compete against each other.

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“I am ready to serve our country,” Sunak said. “No matter how difficult it is. But when you have the opportunity to do so, you should not doubt whether it is the right time. Sunak is expected to reveal his economic plans on October 31, although the new prime minister has not ruled out a later date.

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The new prime minister went to work immediately after giving his speech. Jacob Rees-Mogg, who is considered a close ally of outgoing Prime Minister Liz Truss and her predecessor Boris Johnson, has resigned as Economy Minister.

They also include Jacob Rees-Mogg (Economic Affairs), Brandon Lewis (Justice), Chloe Smith (Work and Pensions), Kate Malthus (Education), Robert Buckland (Wales Minister), Ranil Jayawardena (Environment) and Simon Clarke (Housing).

Secretary of State James Cleverly knows he had a conversation with his Ukrainian counterpart. It is seen as a sign that he will remain in office. Finance Minister Jeremy Hunt, who took over from his controversial predecessor Kwasi Quarting, will also remain in his place in Sunak’s cabinet.

Sunak had announced earlier that his party would not accept the call for a general election. Ed Davey, leader of the Libdems party, sees this as a lack of Conservative confidence in the British people. Labor and the Scottish National Idea also rejected this decision.

Cabinet seat

Earlier today, Liz Truss held her last cabinet meeting before heading to King Charles to formally present her government’s resignation. Leaving 10 Downing Street after that meeting, ministers had to wait and see if they would find a place in Rishi Sunak’s government. The new prime minister is expected to announce his lineup soon.

Liz Truss: “Better times ahead”

Truss gave a short speech as she left her official residence with her husband and daughters. “We acted urgently and decisively as a government, even in a short period of time,” she said. “We saved thousands of companies from bankruptcy, introduced lower taxes to allow the British people to do more.”

“I wish Rishi Sunak every success,” Truss said. “I will support him, even if it is from the background. Let me be clear: There is one issue at the fore at the moment and that is Ukraine. He must remain that way.”

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