September 30, 2023

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Road control with speed limit for motorcyclists

Road control with speed limit for motorcyclists

On Sunday afternoon, traffic came to a halt on country road 3196 between Steinau and Marjoß in the Spessart district, with motorbikes mainly the target. The special thing about this is that motorcycles are only allowed to drive on this part of the road at a speed of 60 km / h, while other road users are allowed to drive up to 100 km / h. Not surprisingly, of course, we have similar speed differences to vehicles on our highways. Take trucks for example. But we are not used to motorcyclists having to maintain lower speeds than other drivers.

the above. 100 km/h allowed for cars and 60 km/h for motorcyclists

As the road is considered the site of a motorcycle crash, most of the track in this area was limited to 60 km/h (motorcycles only) and this was also spotted over the weekend. According to media reports, 76 motorcyclists were arrested, ten of whom were allegedly speeding. Unfortunately, it is currently not clear how many motorcyclists have used the road and have not stopped or accelerated.

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Top speed measured for a 26-year-old KTM rider. After deducting the tolerance, it was measured at 119 km/h, which is nearly twice the speed limit. If one changed his point of view and drove a passenger car, he would not have measured very fast at 59 km / h, but at 19 km / h too much. Riding a motorbike now costs him 2 points in Flensburg, a fine of 480 euros and a one-month driving ban.

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Moreover, the motorcycle number plates were found to be clamped very sharply, but they were all still within the tolerances. In terms of size, a Harley and a single passenger car stood out. Measurements showed that the size is still within the tolerance range.

In other words, watch out in Germany next summer. You may quickly overlook these types of situations, but they can become an expensive business.