November 30, 2022

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Rob Schoofs has his incomparable beauty against KV Oostende

Rob Schoofs has his incomparable beauty against KV Oostende

Saturday night’s Rob Shows global goal: People come to football at such a moment. When something special happens on a football field, you can often see it in your facial expressions. The Schoofs’ brilliant goal made everything and everyone at KV Mechelen very happy.

“I’ve only scored two goals this season, it’s two goals to be seen. I had space and so I went to take the kick. The ball was turned away from the goalkeeper. You dream about it, you can’t plan for something like this. There is also a bit of luck. They won’t fly in much nicer.” It’s a beautiful victory with beautiful goals: a beautiful evening,” Rob Shoves was completely satisfied.

The 150th match for Michelin

It was precisely in the jubilee match that he managed to achieve this: his 150th match was with KV Mechelen. “To be able to play one hundred and fifty matches for the same club is a great achievement. That goal is the coronation. I am happy with it, and also with my 150th game. This is a great achievement.” I’ve been through a lot here and hopefully we can do great things in the future.”

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Will this blow stay with him more than his intensity against Mignolet? “Now it was 3-0, against Brugge it was the winning goal. These are different circumstances. It was the three-point goal against Klopp, and now it was our third goal already. So I will still prefer the goal against Brugge. Tonight is one of the best goals of my career.”

Boost stats

Schoofs also provided a 2-0 assist against KVO. “I’m glad I could boost my stats. Now that Storm wasn’t around, it was up to the rest to take over and split it up a bit amongst everyone else.”

It could have been better: Before the break, the Schoofs scored an egg with a header. His head hit the crossbar. “It was a good pass from Jordi Vanlerberge. I wanted to pass the ball over the keeper, but I was too close to the short corner. It would have been better to shoot at the far corner.” But lice are not necessary. “I just make global goals,” Skovs laughs.

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