December 2, 2022

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Roeselare's Tim Bury surprisingly wins his third Michelin star, Comme Chez Soi loses his second star

Roeselare’s Tim Bury surprisingly wins his third Michelin star, Comme Chez Soi loses his second star

Surprise: Tim Boury of Roeselare won his third Michelin star. He. She super moment The organization itself seemed to surprise, because the group photo with the other three-star restaurants Hove Van Cleef & Zelty had just been taken when Tim Bury was called on stage. Comme Chez Soi loses its second Michelin star and reacts disappointedly.

Viki Geunes van Zilte at Antwerp and Peter Goossens from Hof ​​van Cleve in Kruishoutem succeeded in three stars to reserve. They were immediately treated with a standing ovation from the audience. And so Peter Goossens remains the king of Belgian gastronomy: it’s the eighteenth time he’s been able to keep his three stars. Moreover, many of the chefs who are allowed to take the stage today, once stood in his kitchen. “That’s the great thing about being a teacher, that you can secure the future,” Goossens said.

Tim Bury, New Three Star Chef.

Photo: Stefan Bell

And then the plot develops: after the group photo had already been taken, the news suddenly surfaced that Chef Tim Bury from Restaurant Boury from Roeselare would also receive a third star. The tightly oriented show at the Theater Royal in Bergen still has surprises. The new three-star chef didn’t expect this, he’s replying to a sister newspaper Newspaper† The rumor mill has been running at full speed in recent days. But we didn’t know anything.

The second surprise came from the Brussels Comme Chez Soi. Even before the stars were officially honored, the restaurant announced in a press release that it was losing its second Michelin star. “We are very surprised to learn that our restaurant has been stripped of a Michelin star,” said Chef Lionel Rigolet. “We want to thank our wonderful team, loyal customers, friends and family for their unwavering support during good times and bad: their presence goes straight to our hearts and deserves all the stars in the world. Comme Chez Soi is first and foremost a home that loves to please have and share. Always and always will be.’

Tim Boury did his first internship at Comme Chez Soi, so it’s very unfortunate that the restaurant has lost a star. It seems that “I learned a lot there”.

The 2 Michelin stars Go to these restaurants:

  • Thijs Vervloet of Restaurant Colette – De Vijvers in Averbode is a newcomer to the two-star sky. “It was a hellish journey,” he said, “but we got to our goal.” “This is the top, just amazing.”
  • Yves Matani from La Villa Lorraine by Yves Matani in Brussels also received two stars. Gastronomy “La grande dame” will work soon back After losing his three stars one by one.
  • The duo Gert De Mangeleer and Joachim Boudens from the Botanic restaurant Hertog Jan in Antwerp have been awarded once again. After Hertog Jan in Bruges, the chefs went to recharge their batteries and Michelin inspectors clearly appreciated this.

At least sixteen cases will be received this year first star

  • Robin Christians of Vintage Restaurant in Kontich. The 25-year-old chef was also named Young Chef of the Year.
  • Alex Verhoeven at Heart Restaurant Turnhout
  • Marius Busmans at Arden Restaurant in Villiers-sur-Lys
  • Thomas Deberslaut of Fine Fleur in Antwerp
  • Frederic Doug of Restaurant In den Hert in Wannegem-Lede.
  • Maxence Bouralha & Charles Maxime Legrand from Quai No. 4 Restaurant at
  • Dimitri de Koninck at Nybo Restaurant in Antwerp
  • Lode De Roover from the restaurant Fleur De Lin in Zele
  • Ryôdo Kajiwara at Ryôdô Restaurant in Luxembourg
  • Ken Verschuren of Restaurant Tinelle in Mechelen. This is the second time that a chef has been given the first star for a restaurant where he works as a chef.
  • Martijn Defauw from Restaurant Rebelle in Marke
  • Gary Kirchens at Aurum by Gary Kirchens in Ordingen
  • Julien Lucas at La Villa de Camille et Julien in Luxembourg
  • Simon van Don at Dim Dining in Antwerp
  • Michel de Bruyne from Sense Restaurant in Waasmunster
  • Thomas Tropin of Touma Restaurant in Liege. It also won a Green Star for “Inspiring the Gastronomy of Tomorrow”.

The Sommelier Prize goes to Maxime Sanzot of Racines in Floreffe.

The full list is It can be found here

Babe Gourmand

Bib Gourmand consists of a selection of restaurants that offer excellent value for money. This year there are 24:

Strophilia in Brussels, Bizzy Lizzie in Antwerp, n.d. 12 by Helsen in Herentals, La Fermette des Pins in Buvrinnes, La Cantinetta in Grivegnée, Jeux de Goûts in Orchimont, Fico in Ixelles, Instroom in Antwerp, Monsieur V in Linkebeek, Fleur de Sel in Komen-Waasten, Le Sixième in Geldenaken, Table Rase in Polleur, Bottega Vannini in Woluwe-Saint-Pierre, Bistrot Benoit in Antwerp, Antonio Morreale in Sterrebeek, Le Grand Pré in Erquelinnes, L’entretien in Leuze, Le Grand Maur in Spa, Bistrot L’îlot in Antwerp, Sunbathing Bar in Ghent, Mainoï in Braine-l’Alleud, La Fermette in Falaën, Origins in Mons, Cuisine & Nous in Tilff.

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