February 6, 2023

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Roguelite MythForce 80's Cartoon |  Trailer for a movie

Roguelite MythForce 80’s Cartoon | Trailer for a movie

“Saturday morning roguelite adventure”

written by Marvin Toebuil on

Beamdog, developer of the enhanced version of Baldur’s Gate, among others, has revealed the MythForce game.

MythForce is described as a fantasy first-person rogue game inspired by cartoons from the 80s. Up to four players can work together in co-op. The game will be released early for PC on April 20th via Epic Games Store And it will cost about $30.

In the Early Access version, four heroes can be played in what is called the first episode. For example, the game will start with MythForce Episode: 1 Bastion of the Beastlord and developer Beamdog will add more episodes along the way, as well as updates based on player feedback. Players can choose from Knight Victoria, Rogue Rico, Mage Maggie, and a hunter named Hawkins.

In MythForce, players must explore the “replayable” cartoon world of the 80s and progress through a variety of weapons and spells. When players die, they start over from the beginning, but treasures, pitfalls, and enemies are distributed differently each time.

The above trailer shows excerpts from the gameplay. The 80s cartoon also has iconic prequels, and MythForce has already been shared. It appears to have been seen in full below:

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