June 2, 2023

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Rooney leaves the car keys while unloading, but it will cost him dearly: “It’s unimaginable” (Ostend)

Rooney’s car was stolen between 9.30 and 9.50 am at the Zandvoordeschorredijkstraat in Ostend.© Jeffrey Ross / If


Ronnie Braunstein, 74, was the victim of a carjacking on Tuesday morning. He had just unloaded his groceries when thieves stole his car from outside his door. “Unbelievable, because that car is fifteen years old,” it sounds exasperated.

Jeffrey Ross

On Tuesday morning, Rooney undoubtedly drove to the store to do some shopping. He returned around 9:30 and parked, as always, in front of his door on the Zandvoordeschorredijkstraat in Ostend. “I started unloading my groceries as soon as I arrived,” says Ronnie. “When I was done, I put everything in the closet first.”

Ronnie just left his keys in the car, careless. “It’s happened before, but you wouldn’t expect someone to snatch your car from your front door in broad daylight.” And yet it happened. “When I got back outside about twenty minutes later, my car was gone.” (Read more below the image)

It’s a black Ford Fusion with 386 as the last number on the number plate.©IF

However, Ronnie did not hear the car driving away. “It must have all happened very quickly. I called the police right away and they came,” Ronnie says. Police have since confirmed that they had received a report of a car theft.

“Our services were already on site and fully involved in the investigation of the stolen vehicle from Mr. Eileen Guemin, Ostend Police Press Spokesman.” The number plate was swiped right away so that ANPR cameras with number plate recognition could do their job. We are monitoring the situation closely.” (Read more below the image)

This is where Ronnie’s car was stolen.© Jeffrey Rose

Rooney feared for a moment that his car had driven into France. There was a report that the car was seen near Kortrijk around 3.30pm. A short time later he was seen in Jestel and a little later my car cam was spotted in Breden and Ostend. “They won’t steal the car to resell it, because it’s not worth much anymore. Maybe they have other plans for that?”

It’s a black Ford Fusion with 386 as the last number on the number plate. Anyone who witnesses the car is asked to immediately contact the police on the emergency number 101.

“It must have all happened very quickly,” says Ronnie.© Jeffrey Rose

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