February 9, 2023

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Rosius and Nkansa lightning-fast to 100m semi-finals, Pittomvils now 13 |  European Championships

Rosius and Nkansa lightning-fast to 100m semi-finals, Pittomvils now 13 | European Championships

The opening day of the European Athletics Championships revolves around the men’s and women’s marathon, but in the morning the decathlons (along with Nils Betumphils) also started two days. The Belgians in the 100m race (Kobe Flemings, Rani Roseus and Delphine Nekansa) qualified for the semi-finals.

The Belgians at the European Athletics Championships on August 15
Nils Petumphiles Decathlon: 100 m 11″ 32 (791 points, 18)
Kobe Fliminx 100m groups 3rd in the series (to HF)
Nils Petumphiles Decathlon: long jump 7.10m (1629 points, 16th place)
dolphin nekansa 100m groups 11″ 33 (to HR)
Rani Roses 100m groups 11″ 47 (to HR)
Nils Petumphiles Decathlon: shot put 15.25m (2,343 points, thirteenth)
6.30 pm Nils Petumphiles Decathlon: high jump
7 pm Dylan Burley 400m groups
Kevin Burley 400m groups
Alexander Dom 400m groups
7:35 pm Cynthia Bolingo 400m groups
Camille Los 400m groups
Naomi van den Brock 400m groups
8.15 pm Ismael Dabanic sets 1500 m
Tariq Makram sets 1500 m
Robin Verheiden sets 1500 m
9.15 pm Nils Petumphiles Decathlon: 400m
  1. 1 p.m. 28. See you tonight. The morning session of the first day of the European Athletics Championships has ended. At 6.30 p.m. Niels Pettumfils starts again with the high jump. Later in the evening there is the 400m series with men and women and the 1500m series with 3 Belgians. .
  2. 1 pm 21. Average ranking in decathlon (3/10). 1. Simon Ehammer (Zwi) – 2845 points 2. Dario Dester (Ita) – 2591 3. Pawel Wiesolek (Pol) – 2563 4. Rick Tam (Ned) – 2525 13. Nils Betumphiles – 2434.
  3. 13 o 20. Petumphiles 13 after 3 parts. Niels Pittomvils greatly improved their throw up to 15.25 metres. This gives him 805 points. He now has 2434 after 3 parts, and is good for 13th. .
  4. 13 08 hours. On his second attempt, Nils Petumphiles threw the bullet 14.64 meters. Can he improve his last throw? .
  5. 12 hours 51. The Pittomvils first attempt to shoot is a zero throw. He has two more attempts. .
  6. 11 a.m. 53. Pittomvils are 16th after 2 of 10 events. Swiss Simon Emer wins the second straight (with a jump of 8.31 metres!) and advances by a few blocks. Decathlon now gets an hour’s rest until the next part, taking the shot. .
  7. 11 am 52. Average ranking in decathlon (2/10). 1. Simon Ehammer (Zwi) – 2102 points 2. Dario Dester (Ita) – 1828 3. Sander Skoteheim (Noo) – 1815 4. Rick Tam (Ned) – 1798 16. Nils Betumphils – 1629.
  8. 11 am 36. Petumphiles do it! Nils Petumphiles made it exciting, but with 7.10m he still made a strong jump to his name. It’s also his best jump this season, good for 838 points. .
  9. 11 am 34. Who is Nkansa? Delphine Nekansa qualified for the semi-finals with 11″ 33 without any issues. Read her own story below and why she is only now coming to the Belgian rooftop.
  10. 11 am 34.
  11. 11 am 26. Zero jump for petumphiles. Nils Petumphilis with his back against the wall, because on his second jump, he jumped zero. He really has to go too far on his last try or he can gradually forget a good result in this decathlon. .
  12. 11 am 23. Roseus is still in the semi-finals. Rani Roseus finally has the best ‘losers’ time with 11:47 and can also go to the semi-finals with Delphine Nekansa.
  13. 11 am 14. Nkansa wins by her streak. Delphine Nekansa, a 20-year-old who debuted on the top stage, won the 100-meter series in 11 inches 33. So she could go straight to the semi-finals.
  14. 11 a.m. 10. Humble start for petomphiles in the long jump. Nils Bettomfels lands on his first of three jumps after 6.34 metres, nearly a meter below his personal best. .
  15. 11 a.m. 10. Watch the 100-meter range of Rosius.

    Watch the series 100 meters from Rosius

  16. 11 09. Roseus in the waiting room. Rani Roseus completed the 100m in 11″ 47 and so is a very slow percentile to flow straight into the semi-finals. The 3 fastest losing streaks are also allowed to participate, but with Roseus he waited a little longer.
  17. 10 am 52. World decathlon champion Meyer is injured instantly.

    World decathlon champion Meyer immediately injured himself

  18. Ten am 51. No more Meyer. Kévin Mayer will no longer start the long jump, as expected. So he won’t become a European outdoor champion for the first time. The Frenchman became the world champion in Oregon a month ago for the second time. .
  19. 10 o’clock 51. Watch the series 100 meters from Vleminckx.

    Watch the series 100 meters from Vleminckx

  20. 10 hours 50. Vleminckx to the semi-finals 100 metres. Kobe Fleminx finished third in the 100m series, with a time of 10″34. That’s just above his personal best performance earlier this season (10″25), but that’s enough to go straight to the semi-finals. .
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