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Royal Sisters!  Beatrix, Irene, and Margaret to Christina Quiz together

Royal Sisters! Beatrix, Irene, and Margaret to Christina Quiz together

Ah sisters. Sometimes they sigh for their soon-to-be son-in-law (Beatrix was not a fan of Peter van Vollenhoven at first) and sometimes they move up the ranks because the sisters do.

Christina, Irene, Beatrix and Margaret in 1962 at Soestdijk Palace.

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Also today, to honor the youngest sister of Orange, in connection with Princess Cristina’s 55th pageant.

In addition to the Orange sisters, Bernardo Guillermo, the eldest son of Princess Cristina, and Prince Carlos, the eldest son of Princess Irene, were also present. She’s got bonus points for her mixed prints from Laurentian: That’s how she does it, at 83.

Just because it is possible and we see him very little: here Bernardo sits on the shoulders of his cousin Willem-Alexander in 1984. Prince Constantine left with Bernardo’s brother Nicholas Guillermo.

On the 50th anniversary of the competition, the princess gave a rare interview

As mentioned, Princess Christina turns 55 this year. The youngest daughter of Princess Juliana and Prince Bernhard was a musician herself and wanted everyone to be able to learn about classical music. They are stimulated by competition in their musical development, among other things, by competitions and a mobile concert hall.

Princess Cristina with Bloom Elias, winner 1990

Famous competition award winners are pianist Webby Surgadi, bassist Lavinia Mejer and violinist Rosanne Flippins. In addition to the year of the crown: which was called the anniversary party.

Nice that Princess Irene also joined the Royal Sister’s Day!

Princess Margaret is a member of the recommendations committee for the Princess Christina competition. So it made sense to be there. Older sister Princess Beatrix joined in for fun. And surprise, but oh sweet: Princess Irene also attended the pageant, a beautiful legacy for their sister Christina, who passed away in 2019.

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