November 29, 2022

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Rumor: Intel announces first Alchemist desktop cards at the end of May

Rumor: Intel announces first Alchemist desktop cards at the end of May

Wccftech has got the purported prices and reveal dates for the first Intel Arc Alchemist desktop graphics cards. Reportedly, Team Blue will reveal two mid-range SKUs at the end of May/beginning of June along with the A750 and the A580, with the humble A380 coming in a few weeks later. It is not clear when the top model will appear.

At the top of the list is the A750, which should perform similarly to the RTX 3060. Wccftech lists a suggested retail price of $350, which is $31 more than its Nvidia counterpart. The A580 comes close to the RTX 3050 and will use a similar $280 surcharge compared to the Ampere boarding pass. The A380 is expected to go on sale in July with a suggested retail price of $150. This model should match the performance level of GTX 1650.

Alchemist’s best card, the Arc A780, should compete with the RTX 3070 and RX 6700 XT.

While these suggested retail prices seem higher on paper than those of the RTX 3000 cards, the latter still sell at higher rates in practice. If video card prices don’t drop particularly sharply over the next few weeks and the blue team actually manages to get these Arc GPUs for the aforementioned prices in (virtual) stores, it could be an attractively priced option.


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