July 24, 2024

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Rumor: Only the iPhone 15 Pro Max gets a periscope zoom camera – Tablets and Phones – News

Only the iPhone 15 Pro Max will have a camera with periscope zoom, says Meg-Chi Kuo, an analyst at TF Securities. Other variants of next year’s iPhone will not have a zoom feature. Kuo says the iPhone 16 Pro will have the pop-up lens next.

Oppo: Periscope Camera

According to Kuo, the periscope zoom should provide a 5x-6x magnification over the primary camera. This comes out to a focal length of about 130mm in 35mm equivalent. This is a relatively limited zoom compared to the cameras in other high-end phones. For example, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra has a 230mm lens. It also has a second camera with a telephoto lens with a lower zoom ratio.

Kuo says that the camera will have a sensor that is approximately 1/3″ in size, which results in an area of ​​about 13 square millimeters. The aperture will come out at f/2.8, while the camera will support sensor-changing optical image stabilization.

The analyzer indicates that the pop-up lens will replace the telephoto lens that is currently in use. Some other manufacturers opt for dual cameras with telephoto lenses in high-end phones. The zoom lens has a sensor that is rotated a quarter turn in the housing. The light enters through the lens, after which the mirror bends the light by a quarter of a turn to end up on the sensor. This technology makes longer focal lengths possible, due to the fact that there is more space in the width of the phone compared to the thickness. There have been rumors about periscopic zoom for future iPhones for some time, but this is the first time Kuo has mentioned the specs.

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Periscopic zoom lenses iPhone 15 Pro Max, according to Kuo Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Xiaomi 12S Ultra Sony Xperia 1 IV
Focal Length about 130 mm 230 mm 120 mm 85-125 mm
Zoom 5-6x 10x 5x 3 times – 5.2x
the decision 12 mega pixel 10 MP 48 MP 12 mega pixel
sensor surface 13 mm² 10 mm² 30 mm² 11 mm²
diaphragm Aperture f / 2.8 Aperture f / 4.9 Aperture f/4.1 f/2.3-f/2.8 . aperture