July 19, 2024

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Rumor: Twitter’s board wants to reject Musk’s takeover offer – IT Pro – News

Of course I can’t literally say I know the guy, but I do know and I’ve worked with people with similar disorders. Musk has Asperger’s syndrome, a form of autism, and this sometimes means that the whole “how you should treat people in a social way” doesn’t work quite like normal people. Happen or occur Like an asshole, not so much that he’s actually one.

Besides, and partly because of this condition, man is also wholly talented, and though a word of insight may be a good thing, he is in any case always occupied with the actual desire to achieve things, and by his perseverance he often succeeds, therefore From my personal perspective as a business oriented person (sales and marketing manager) I find all of this impressive, or at least something that requires respect. In my opinion, you don’t necessarily have to be a fan of that; An objective person can also appreciate a competitor or someone they don’t particularly like.

And it seems precisely because of his condition that he thinks a lot outside the box anyway, and in that sense it helps him too.

But then again, business per se is already pretty stern or rude, or at least they often have to be, and the combination of his turmoil may not make his appearance any better for some, though I find him in interviews and what The like usually come across sympathetic.

tl; DR

Long story short, maybe he should hire someone who can polish his public image so he just happens to be a little less foolish… †