March 30, 2023

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Russia forces Ukrainian prisoners to fight at the front

Russia forces Ukrainian prisoners to fight at the front


In order to demoralize the Ukrainian army and people, since the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine, Russia has been engaged in “activities aimed at destabilizing society and the people through mass repression, torture, arrests and deportations.” This was stated in the latest report issued by the Polish intelligence services.

Poland says many Ukrainians are imprisoned in Russian prisons and concentration camps. There the prisoners first undergo a verification process, in which it is checked, among other things, whether they have combat experience and whether they have a certain attitude towards Russia. If they do not notice that there is great hatred in the latter, then many of these prisoners are deported to Russia and even forced to fight with the Russian army. Anyone found to have something against Russia is treated less favorably. They are being prosecuted and forced to make false statements against their country.

According to Poland, children are also detained and adults are regularly tortured. Some of these camps and prisons are said to have already been located. It is unclear if anything will be done about it.

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