October 1, 2022

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Russia makes additional arrests after fatal fire in...

Russia makes additional arrests after fatal fire in…

After the serious accident that killed more than 50 people in a coal mine in Russia, the judicial authorities issued further arrest warrants against the persons responsible for safety.

On Saturday, the director of the Listvyashnaya mine in Western Siberia, his deputy and two other high-ranking officials of the government’s regulatory body were imprisoned. This was announced by a court in Kemerovo. They are accused of failing to comply with safety regulations and of being responsible for the deaths of miners and aid workers.

An explosion occurred in a coal mine in western Siberia Thursday morning. 51 people were killed, including five aid workers. Kemerovo governor, Sergei Zhivilov, said rescue operations resumed on Saturday. It was closed for the first time due to the risk of a new explosion.

It is one of the worst mining accidents in Russia in over ten years. More than 40 people were injured. According to the Ministry of Civil Protection, 239 miners were rescued from the mine.

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