December 6, 2022

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"Russia protects the naval base in Crimea with dolphins"

“Russia protects the naval base in Crimea with dolphins”

In 2019, a white dolphin with a strap around its neck was found in Norway, believed to have swam away from a Russian port. © rr

The naval base of Sevastopol on the Black Sea, which is important for Russia, is protected by two war dolphins. American analysts report this to the American newspaper The Washington Post, based on satellite images from the company Maxar Technologies.

GVsourceWashington Post

According to analysts, dolphins are used to detect mines and enemy divers, for example. A Maksar spokesman confirmed the analysts’ theory, noting that dolphins had only been seen in the port city since the beginning of the Russian invasion.

A significant part of the Russian fleet is currently moored in Sevastopol, because the port of Crimea is out of reach of Ukrainian missiles. also major Moscow It was in this harbor before it sank in the Black Sea earlier this month.

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The then Soviet Union developed a training program for war dolphins in the 1960s. The Ukrainian Navy captured dolphins after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, but lost the animals after Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2014. Since then, Russia is said to have started training dolphins again.

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In 2019, a white dolphin with a strap around its neck was found in Norway, raising questions around the world. Although it was never confirmed, many experts suspected that it was a Russian animal that had received training and swam away from a military port in northern Russia.

Dolphins are often used by the Russian military, for example to retrieve objects or to deter enemy divers. This happened during the war in Syria, among other things. Russia doesn’t just train dolphins. The United States has also used intelligent marine mammals for military purposes for decades.

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