September 26, 2022

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Russia ramps up its forces after reports of "significant damage" to the Russian side, at least five dead

Russia ramps up its forces after reports of “significant damage” to the Russian side, at least five dead

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Russia is again speaking harsh language and changing. Vladimir Putin’s country announced on Saturday that it will intensify its forces in the war with Ukraine. For example, the missiles hit the northeastern city of Chuhiv in the Kharkiv region last night. District Governor Ole Senhopov said at least three people were killed.

Lien Lamenssource: Reuters

Russia has announced that it will strengthen its presence in the war with Ukraine, or “special military operation” as the Russians constantly call it. Rocket attacks on the town of Chuhiv, 500 kilometers from the capital Kyiv, killed three people, including a 70-year-old woman, last night. Three others were also infected, according to Ukraine’s regional governor Oleh Sinihopov. A school, an apartment building and a shop were severely damaged by the attacks.

“Three people were killed,” a Chahiv resident told Reuters news agency. And why? Simply because Putin is losing his mind.

The rocket attacks were not carried out only in Chohiv last night. Also in the south, in the town of Nikopol near the Dnipro River, more than 50 Russian missiles were launched. According to the local governor Valentin Reznichenko, at least two people were killed.

Residential Buildings

At least 40 people have been killed in such attacks on urban areas in the past three days, according to Ukraine. For its part, Russia claims to be taking a targeted approach and focusing on military objectives to prevent the occupied territories from falling back into the hands of Ukraine. Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu points the finger at the Ukrainian rival and boasts that the Ukrainians bombed apartment buildings.

It appears that the surge of troops from Russia was primarily a direct reaction to Kyiv’s claims. There they say that they carried out a series of successful attacks on thirty Russian logistic warehouses, thanks to the multiple missile systems provided by the West. “Last Wednesday’s attacks caused the destruction of Russian supply lines,” a Ukrainian defense ministry spokesman said. These attacks significantly reduced the offensive ability of the Russians.

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