February 9, 2023

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Russia suspends US nuclear deal reviews: "forced to do so due to current reality"

Russia suspends US nuclear deal reviews: “forced to do so due to current reality”


Russia on Monday halted US inspections of its military bases as planned for a new start to a nuclear disarmament deal between the two countries. According to Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, this is in response to obstacles faced by similar Russian inspections in the United States. Inspections are conducted at missile launch sites, air and naval bases where nuclear weapons are deployed.

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“The Russian Federation is forced to take this step (…) the current reality is that it provides unilateral benefits to the United States and deprives Russia of the right to conduct inspections on American soil,” the ministry said in a statement. Report. Press release. This announcement was made while the Russian war in Ukraine, which started on February 24, is in full swing. Russian President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly boasted about the new “invincible” weapons Russia is about to develop.

The Russian Foreign Ministry says Russian inspectors are blocking the trip. They are experiencing difficulties in obtaining visas due to Western sanctions against Moscow and the war in Ukraine. “US inspectors and their flight crews did not experience similar difficulties,” the statement said.

Last deal

Russia hails the deal’s “unique role” in Moscow-Washington nuclear relations. Once the issues in question are resolved, Russia will “immediately” cancel the move, it sounds.

The new treaty is the last remaining agreement between the two nuclear powers. In January 2021, Putin extended the contract for another five years. So far, the United States and Russia have qualified for twenty inspections per year.

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