November 27, 2022

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Russia will no longer supply American rocket engines: 'Use your broom'

Russia will no longer supply American rocket engines: ‘Use your broom’

“In a situation like this, the best rocket engines in the world can not be delivered to the United States. Let them fly something else. Their whip, I do not know what.” Said Dmitry RokosinPresident of the Russian space agency Roscosmos.

Russia has supplied about 122 rocket engines to the United States since the 1990s. Roscosmos will also discontinue maintenance of already supplied engines.

The decision to stop doing so could have repercussions for America’s launch capability. The United Launch Alliance (ULA), which continues to launch rockets for NASA, and Northrop Krumman, which sends aircraft to the ISS space station, use Russian rocket engines.

ULA CEO Tori Bruno Word However, the company currently has enough machinery and in the future it will switch to a machine manufactured on American soil. Future flights will have to be suspended if Northrop Krumman does not find an alternative.

The ISS may crash in the US or Europe

This is not the first time Rogos’ outrageous statements have been published since the war began. Last weekend Threatened The Russian space chief said the ISS could “fall into Europe or the United States” without Russian help. The ISS uses Russian machines to stay in orbit around the Earth.

Russia decided Further New launches with the European Space Agency (ESA). Roscosmos said Roscosmos was withdrawing all technical personnel from the European crew launch site in French Guiana.

OneWeb and Elon Musk

Aerospace companies also collide with Russia. OneWeb, a British company, wants to launch a set of Internet satellites into space Announced Complete collaboration with Roscosmos. Russia has reportedly asked the British government, which is a shareholder, to sell shares in OneWeb. Russia also wanted a guarantee that the company’s satellites would not be used for military purposes.

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Elon Musk joins them. After asking Rogozin last week, ‘Who will save the ISS from an uncontrolled crash?’ Tweeted The business tycoon simply adopted the logo of his space company, SpaceX.

SpaceX already has ongoing agreements with NASA to send people and supplies to the ISS. All parts of SpaceX are from American soil, so the company is free from Russian retaliation.